Manual 5,000 Years of Laughing -- Selected Jokes and Satires from Xiao Lin Guang Ji [Translated]

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Pages The Harmony of Yin and Yang. Sexual Techniques of the Taoists. Prostitution in Chinese Society. Classical Chinese Erotica. Transvestism and Transsexualism. Changing Attitudes toward Sex in China Today. Back Matter Pages In recent years, a number of books have been written exploring the history of sexual practices and ideas in China, but most have ended the discussion with ancient China and have not continued up to the present time.

Volume 9 Why will have the music? Paramount Golden Core! But dares to fight with me! Fierce and ambitious end Star Brain world 10, years of bloody battle The secret of Star Child The difference, is not stratagem!

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Final cultivator Was seen through by you! This is in the future! Vulture Plan! One year of progress! Great antiquity historical novel Atavism Encounters once more Who cuts whom? Blood Moon Wolf Rider Roared, the strength of great antiquity! Terrifying great antiquity shape Dying Cell Extermination Cannon! Must sacrifice Trains the beast trap Blood Claw secret archives Perfect weapon Did the world, prepare?

Goal, Chaos God Tomb, advance! Silver Death Desert, swallows the sea of star! God Tomb opening! Big slaughtering of 40, years ago! War, war of eternally unchanginging Crazed experiment Mass production perfect soldier Blood sucking Secret Sword Genuine head New intruder! Occult blood and secret facts! Fire Ant fights Nether Spring! Canary of ambush! Looks for an outlet! The third life form! Key of hidden Strange bronze front door! Variation black qi!

Dark deep place Do not believe him! Secret Treasures succeeds in obtaining! Dead sea chaotic wind! Fiend Clan origin! Supreme One Dao, Ba Yanzhi! New homeland! Kunlun Divine Water Makes war comprehensively! Celestial pole anger blood! Plan of Supreme One Fiend Clan! Seeks for Kunlun! Evolution zero point! Only hope! Non- may enter Li Yao in darkness North Pole cold wind! New plan? Terrifying Nether Mansion! Test body! Special prisoner-of-war camp! Are you also individual?

Be ready to fight! Bomb, more bombs! In cage mouse Obviously does a spirit try? Escapes from prison Frenzy Tide! Separates the spatial showdown! It is not able to explain! Shock of Fire Ant King! Great artillery! Again obviously spirit? Be ransacked!

Frost Windstorm Flower, spraying! Mystic Skeleton, is entering the scene again! Puts unparalleled! Special Class Federation Hero! The difficult first step Clinging to his own interpretation Han Tuhu issue giant crab moves! I for fish or giving it all! Nascent Origin? Fiend Emperor? Fiend Qi is imposing! Red tide, eruption! Courage of setting on fire! New strength! Li Yao's is formidable! Evolution of out-of-control! Spore plan! Highest warrant for arrest! Impregnable trap!

Double strategy cheats fourth! Has no alternative, fights to win or die! Sneaks the Myriad Fiends Palace headquarters!

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Mystic Skeleton regeneration! Mammoth path! Universe Ring issue Not chaotic tribulation! Perfect sneaks The bang kills Devil Warship! The spore in red tide! For peace! Suspicion of Jin Tuyi Compels into the hopeless situation! Five oysters The first contact Secret talk! Federation in enemy eyes Another choice! Does Li Yao's despair? Most essential information fourth! Red Tide Plan true colors!

Fatal teleportation! Blade of Dragon Beheading! Directly asked! Five goals! Be choked up with emotions! Saa the flowered celebration! Volume 11 The third inheritance! Jin Xinyue's has made up mind! Refusing to balk Debate of person ghost! Skyfire Organization is moving! Operation Wink! Impossible infiltration! Tide monster, release! Three bugs! Making a fraudulent switch idea Numerous checkpoints! Insertion heart! Destroys the plan Hard problem that cannot solve? Hurricane performing skill! Angry bullet! Hidden Dragon bang day!

Thorough out-of-control! Method of escaping! You lost! Spore appearance! Yes, Commander! Has the strangeness! The red tide begins! Shuffles greatly! In tomb bleached bone! Two confrontation! Discuss without doing! Universe situation! Initial plan! Threat of Jin Tuyi fourth! Iron triangle! The saintesses harness! Great project! Dao Heart of country! The dust of history True trial! Cat ear young girl rare opportunities Saintess birth!

New Battle Armor! The method of convincing Attacks the Nether Spring den! Netherworld River Grand Cannon! Child Of Netherworld! Fatal infiltration! Tames dragon record!

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Has decided that goes home! Three key men! Secret Sword Bureau! True Abyss! Forever will hang Immortal! Li Yao's death news! Unexpectedly is he? Make a political recantation! The chart poor dagger sees! Alert the enemy! Thunderstorm, my paradise! Sneaks the inland! The day is imaginary and universe! Flash news! The showdown starts! Guo Chunfeng! The flaw of storm! Guo Chunfeng method! Sneaks with the wind!

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Azure Bewildering Mist Only plan! Ahead of time locks! Anxious frozen person! The person ghost not distinguishes! An army burning with righteous indignation is bound to win! Top-secret conference! Military change! Before down! The demon heart begins! Do not instigate, does! Black motive!

Patriot Organization! Rainstorm flood! Cuts any monster, except any demon! Death ray!

Volume 12 Death ray trap! Fighting of Nascent Origin! Dark war series! Great Dao showdown! Nine Headed Ocean Demon!

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  • Fish in troubled waters! Soul Searching Great Technique! Genuine showdown! Abyss that does not have! Is the dauntless man on below potent drug! Lu Zui Great Dao! Virus and cell! Such blade glow! Come, decisive battle! More troublesome trouble! As vice rises one foot! Vulture it Holds Guo Chunfeng! Poison like viper! Winding peaks and paths! Last kilometer! Stupid choice! Old artillery! The red flag flutters! Come to light! Turns into Blood Demon! Good and evil in heart! Forming Nascent key! Pities clearheadedly! The truth only has one! A muscle! Double core! Black rain like waterfall!

    Ten Squares Big Win! White Mouse that person Fears is the allied force! Federation Army! A mouse! Only can help you come here! Evil cannot vanquish good! Having made up mind of Iron Commander! Solemn war! Your going astray road! Great Dao clashes! True Federation spirit! A blade decides the sound! The butterfly in storm! The decoys go home! Heroic conference! My father is a hero! Is the elder sister I! Really has that person? Hole bottom Abyss!

    Youngster Ye Yuya! Born in the hatred, dies of hatred! Fishes the lobster! Whom I am Blood Demon I fear! Walks forward! Change of Lu Zui The final hope of patriot New leader! Deep sorrow Holds the person of sword Hundred years spar! I am Ding Lingdang! Lu Zui inheritance Has done! Political headlines Star Ocean develops Era greatly!

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    Dual vortex You must fight, that then fights! Li Yao marriage!

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    • Welcome to Earth! Has the issue greatly! Leaves a source? Be easily solved! Black Winged Sword mutation! Father's last words! End Terminates the words expressing feelings The butterfly dances starts! Nascent Origin General Assembly! Empire's destruction The debt many did not worry, the louse many are not itchy! Although turtle longevity 1 billion years of war! Grandfather Plan! In the future female teacher Black hole and cockroach Core issue! Empire changes! The life and death is balanced! The war of inheritance! The father whistle perishes! Federation's superiority! Golden hundred years!

      Develops the Pangu vestige! Star Spirit Army! Solar soldier! Li Yao's grand strategy! Black Hole Bomb! Not spirit world! Brand-new war mode! Vast ocean! Grips tightly the hand of sword! Finally came! Decisive battle Kunlun! Mystic Skeleton, Hidden Gold Flame! The world is our!

      Arrives, Crab Nebula! Kunlun, great antiquity battlefield! Roaring of Pangu! Antique war! Torn to pieces! The mining vehicle in Star Ocean! Slaughter god! Prehistoric Era special troops! Immortal Cultivator came! Underestimated Empire! Heavenly Tribulation factory! Immortal Cultivator is entering the scene! Mistrust each other!

      Comes for the peace! Who by hypnosis? Have own axe to grind! So fierce! Exalted Immortal forgives! God Sealing Heavenly Book! Parasitic wasp and hatchibator! Violent zoophilist! Wolf and rabbit The method of Empire! Spread rumors and mislead the people! World of self- destruction! The place of depletion The star of plague! The end fights the epidemic disease! Destruction of Martial Hero Wuying! The clan of Chi You! The lukewarm water boils the frog Inherent original sin! Civil war! According to doesn't press? The beautiful women have the vigor On Kunpeng straight 90, li 0. Has a limited view of fourth!

      Great Emperor Dark Star! Urges on and enlightens Raises the tiger to create disaster! Directly replied! Ideal and realistic! Three Star lightning flag! Contribution points and citizen system Ultra string Battle Armor! Penetrates the Kunlun deep place! Three Great Source Laws! Produces Human Race Kills again one time! Really has the person! Living god! Great Flame Dragon Bird! Fatal signal impulse!

      She is a kind of person! Infection and out-of-control Anti-virus! Dominates surely! The gods, arrived! Regards from Immortal Cultivator! Puts together True Fire! Great Flame Dragon Bird, starts! Sincerely to the meat! Terrifying transformation! Clings to for dear life hits rottenly! The gods, dreaded! If Gods block, kill the Gods!! The big development starts! Volume 14 Radiant sparkle! Big leap! Eyes cannot take it all in New Giant Divine Weapon! Entire Federation most dangerous woman! The trump card in trump card!

      Immortal Cultivation youngster Marches to the universe! Doing pioneering work despite great hardships Goes to the universe together! Teaches especially! Goal, Star Ocean! The style is not right! Cruentation Arcadia The combat strength of ancients! Local Nascent Origin got angry! Collision between Civilization! Despicable in this way! Collapse at the first blow! Distinction of ancient and modern Cultivation Technique Incurs trend that asks for the army Li Yao leaves the mountain! Ancient Saint it chaotic fourth! Alternative strategic partnership 12 metal statues!

      One group of messes! Reverend Spirit Vulture ominous name The ominous flame is dreadful! Spirit Transformation legend! Night assault! Lord of Kunpeng! Gulf Fiend Fire! Old Ancestor returns! The nightmare is difficult to awake Northern son! Ancient Cultivator experience fourth! The calamity of cultivator! White Lotus origin! Drifting Sky demon Monarch! Eunuch cliques! The age of bloodless non- tears! The truth of wolf and sheep and grass birth of country! Classical army country! You walk, the daughter stays behind!

      The first station, Purple Extreme Sword Sect! Which is right and which is wrong? Under Hundred Edge Mountain, at daggers drawn! Pays a visit Old Ancestor! Old Ancestor is very low-key! The classical Era ratio fights Copper Furnace Peak, highest to highest! Offends the Reverend fate! Resolution of Purple Extreme Sword Sect! Qi Zhongdao and Yan Liren! Treasures the life Surrounds the risk! Too exaggerated! The magnificence of blind alley! He already High-end dialogue! The fourth sword!

      The meaning of Sword Mad! Volume 15 Swordsman! Against the wind head! Great Zhou successor! Is the repertoires? Fellow Daoist Spirit Vulture, please hold your steps! Good sword! Shocked performance! You were in luck! Wants is this effect! Burning Wind attack! The immortal way is vast! Wang Xi that person Tasteful person Ghost numerous trees seem beautiful in a forest, but are easily toppled by the wind!

      Phoenix Emperor! The flood is dreadful! Combat nature! The mercy of monk Such monk! Any mercy! Food crisis! Lives the prestige tigerishly! See somebody in danger and do nothing! Face that cannot sell! Wants the grain not to have, awfully! Who breaks through the formation? Breaking through the formation!

      Everybody must execute it! Tiger Roar Hall destruction! Thorough suppression! Having Devil must cut, not having Devil also to cut! Goes against heaven's will the line! Cannot drink up in the cup the liquor! Some friends from space Sing while drinking! World wine! Front has the road! Fierceness of Yin Soldier Ghost Army! The clever army attack a city! Shall be grateful as a personal favor! White Lotus comes! Who is idiot? Who is! Clever ship secret! Goes nonstop to immortal realm! Tentacle difficult and! Slip away! Possibility of cooperation Whose all perform in grasps? Originally is you!

      Only misses one step! Does the mutual injury, why bother come? Cleanses the world! Unions of five big super Nascent Origin! To north! Rising of phoenix! Astral wind bone-chilling cold! The terrifying of long night icefield! Above Immortal Palace! Ice Spirit Demon Tide! Chaotic war! The icefield falls, Immortal Palace gets up! Immortal Palace true colors! The corpse explodes!


      Strange Illusion World Consciousness Card in a hand to card in a hand! Breaks the deadlock way The secret of Long Yangjun's life experience! This is not the coincidence! Long Yangjun and Phoenix Emperor! Li Yao astonishing speculation! Mysterious signal true colors! National Day first, asked monthly ticket! Small Dark Forest National Day second, asked monthly ticket! Giant Divine Weapon warehouse! Violent debate! Canary where? Sixth, welcomed National Day, asked monthly ticket! The black skeleton, regained consciousness!

      Immortal Monarch Thunder Cloud! Yun Qin, Han Baling! Prisoner's dilemma Li Yao kills! The day gives does not take, instead by its fault! Volume 16 Last option! Crazy Spirit Vulture! The sound in black skeleton! The final variable is entering the scene! Meng Chixin and Wu Suiyun True immortal realm! Immortal Palace under Immortal Palace! Seals the war of demon! The sudden change of trash gene! Gatekeepers fourth! Extinguishes the world crisis! Waste of flax last in line 12 Anger Unselfish capitulationists! Previous dynasty remnants Scarlet Flame Dragon King! The wife long live! Joins Empire!

      Empire world the road of rising For state that the war lives! Carves up Federation! This is not the threat, but is the fact! Is worth betting? Two big do Spirit Transformation, care for what is? By you, Fellow Daoist Spirit Vulture! Who is the praying mantis, who is canary? Nine Nether General! War roars from nine quiet deep places! Dangerous person on one's own side fourth!

      The life and death, do not wait for us! Ruling in the future! Difficult choice of Ku Chan Back blade? New choice! Long Yangjun's stupid idea fourth! The deterrent force after thorough enemy! Mean sinister Long Yangjun! Do not compel us to act out of desperation! Star Picking Plan! Deceives the deceased person not to pay with a life Becoming friends!

      Finally prepares! Rises the road of immortal, opening! Tertiary status Enrages Sun! End Labyrinth that endless extends! The welcome ceremony of new world On block Antiquity ominous beast? The seniors, here walk! Part of great bear and evil spirits The female demon came! Headhunter Rising of tyrannosaurus Wait, who is Li Yao?

      Mixing of good and bad people, Fish Dragon City! Fearful Old Ancestor! This Is Empire! The country bumpkins enter a city Boss, can not sneak across? Double male showdown! Ding Lingdang, is entering the scene magnificently! Jade Chip sea! Netherworld War Record We burn, the universe never will be then dark! Real A character, snatches! First crisp said again!