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He wore 3 piece suits at a time when many wore jeans. He leaned in when he spoke and had a habit of turning his signet ring when he talked. He corrected me the first and only time I called him Mike. He had a great laugh. He was proud to be from Framingham MA and a part of their famous longitudinal heart study and that his very young girls could be a part of it too.

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He had that Oh my goodness, Linda. I was so sad to read this in this morning's paper. What a wonderful boss, mentor and friend he was. He taught me so much. I wouldn't have gone as far as I did without his teachings. But his friendship was what I valued the most. We had such good times "growing up" together.

I'll always cherish that you both came to my retirement party. Eastern Washington University was quite generous in letting us experiment for the first year of operation. We wanted to create a cerebral week-long learning opportunity in order for the campers to originate and nurture intellectual ideas through their week-long involvement in academic areas.

Our initial year was an experiment.

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  4. We had decided to try out this new concept and have some fun for a year or two. But instead of offering traditional classes, we wanted to provide opportunities for students to become actively involved in a challenging learning environment which facilitated the acquisition of higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills. Since our participants were mostly teenagers we knew how important the recreational periods were.

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    And from to the campers could play racquetball, learn fencing or karate, and even play volleyball or basketball. Water basketball was available as well. After dinner in Tawanka Commons was over the Satori campers got together for an evening meeting before being herded to the center of the campus for a rousing game of Capture the Flag.

    An old game, often played in camps of various types, it requires a team to invade enemy territory without losing their flag and running back to the other side. All of the participants have two flags on a belt. And the ultimate goal was to capture the enemy flag and run it back to their own territory without getting caught.

    Mitchell and Cantlon conducted a bed check to make sure that everyone was all tucked in. Since was so much fun, we looked toward the next summer with eager anticipation. We created brochures which were sent to most of the middle school and high school counselors in the Pacific Northwest.

    A Gentlemans Satori (Get the Girl)

    In analyzing our results we decided the first Satori Camp was successful enough to try again. The second camp in was even more successful and we had 45 campers, mostly from the northwestern states.

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    We had Dr. These are some of her thoughts about Camp Satori:. Where do I fit in?

    See a Problem?

    Gifted teens those with unique learning skills often bear an even heavier load. The nerd in math class never misses a problem. A lonely girl writes her own songs. A guy down the street tells jokes that nobody understands. A man named Mike Cantlon and a family of smiling, accepting people are trying to change that. It blossomed with a network of participants from as close as Cheney and as far away as Japan. Just a few weeks ago I returned home from my fourth Satori.

    My brother, Zach, just finished his second session. Classes are relaxed and informal. Discussions and hands-on participation are inevitable, and every class has an equal number of lessons and laughs! Another outstanding feature is the variety of courses. The Herald is the official camp newspaper. It is supervised by instructors who have a background in news writing. People like me keep coming back year after year. Satori is the most accepting place on earth. During the thirty years of operation, Camp Satori has gone through many changes in classes, personnel, and the various camp festivities.

    Campers, Counselors, and others connected to the Satori camp, created medieval costumes and came to Tawanka Commons to enjoy a medieval dinner, complete with medieval entertainment.

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    Director Mike Cantlon dressed up like a king, complete with crown and robe. He brought his wife along who was dressed up like his queen. During one of the early medieval feasts, a queen from another country showed up at the feast. She walked up to Mike and planted a ruby-red smooch on his surprised face. One of the strong features of the Satori camps has been their location at Eastern Washington University. As time went on, the camp continued growing. By our fifteenth anniversary in , we had hosted campers from the Pacific Northwest, most of the other fifty U. So a program of scholarships has been developed for high-performing middle and high school students from low-income families.

    We intend to maintain this program for as long as the camp is in operation. It is funded through a special foundation account. We have provided scholarships to students on Native American reservations and low-income neighborhoods. Please provide an email address. Categories of Interest: Select All. Current Affairs. Historical Fiction. True Crime.

    Profession: Author. Event Coordinator. Film Executive. Foreign Publisher.