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Workshop Type:. Oct 15th — 22nd, Siena, Italy. Food and Accommodation at Osho Campus will be an extra cost, in addition to the workshop price.

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The largest Osho center in Italy, Osho Miasto is an institute for meditation and spiritual research immersed in the luxuriant nature and in the splendid quiet of the Sienese countryside. Nov 7th — 14th, Wales, United Kingdom. For Staffing contact: staffinguk pathoflove. Please contact uk pathoflove. Buckland Hall is a magical 4-star country mansion set in the rolling, green hills and spectacular countryside of the Brecon Beacons National Park in the United Kingdom, surrounded by mountains with vistas along the Usk Valley.

Nov 27th — Dec 4th, Verona, Italy. Just a minute drive from the Verona International Airport.

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Nov 5th — 12th, Gut Helmeringen, Germany. Please contact deutschland pathoflove. With its white marble pathways, elegant black buildings, abundant foliage and Olympic-sized swimming pool, it is the perfect setting to take time out for yourself. Created with ecological and holistic vision and built with local earth bricks and an architectural approach of simplicity and sustainability, Moa Oasis in Israel is a magical oasis surrounded by a vast ancient untouched desert.

Set amidst forests, meadows, and lakes and filled with wildlife, the Gut Helmeringen center of rest and healing near the Danube in Lauingen, Germany, offers space to nourish the body, mind and soul with meditations, creativity, regeneration, and reflection. Workshop Description: Meditation Evenings, offered regionally, are offered for Path of Love graduates only.

This is an opportunity to come together for sharing and a burn meditation. Doors open at p. Ends: p. Alima has been working in the field of transformation with herself and others for 40 years. She is passionate about awakening and seeks to embody authenticity and compassion in her life and her work with people.

She has trained in many different modalities and offers individual sessions as a therapist, life coach and spiritual counsellor, specializing in trauma resolution and the search for meaning and self love within personal inner crisis. She views the Path of Love as an exceptional and rare jewel of authenticity and transformation and has been facilitating, organizing, and presenting the work for over 20 years in Australia, America and worldwide. Alima sees her work and her life as a journey of humility and trust …. Turiya Hanover has extensive experience in leading personal development groups and trainings globally since The revelation and exploration of this Humanistic Psychology took Turiya by surprise.

The internal shift that she experienced was so profound that her, and her husband, set on a new course of human exploration, which lead them to India. There, she discovered a revolutionary form of teaching from a mystic Indian man. Through a synthesis of Meditation and western psychology, she developed a unique approach that brings East and West together. The sudden, unexpected death of her husband marked a turning point for Turiya. This experience deeply influenced her own personal search and how she works with people today. Through years of experience in working with different cultures and thousands of people worldwide, recognising that same common thread, her work has now evolved around transforming old behavioural patterns and discovering new grounds and dimensions to live and to be.

Through her work arises a deep sense of reconciliation with your being and thus remember your passionate, curious and joyful inner nature. But he felt that there was more to life than money and success and decided to drop his promising career to travel around the world in search for meaning and purpose. In he came for his first visit to India where he started his spiritual studies at a yoga Ashram in Kerala.

After his yoga teacher certification, he continued to travel and a year later met the Indian Mystic Osho. He stayed at the Osho Commune in Poone for 11 years. There he participated in the Osho counseling course and was invited to work in the commune as a seminar leader.

In his role of faculty director, he was responsible for program design and training for a team of counselors and therapists.

From the USA, Talib is an educator and clinical therapist specializing in relational and trauma resolutions. Talib has been working with people since and is passionate about sharing his experiences of integrating understandings from both the Eastern and Western approaches to human development.

He leads seminars and offers individual work in Europe and Brazil. Simon is a London based psychotherapist and father of 5 trained in transpersonal and integrative psychotherapy, and in SE Somatic Experiencing trauma therapy. Since , Shubhaa has dedicated her life to working with people, sharing her gifts and talents with others who are also longing to develop themselves personally and spiritually.

Satyarthi Peloquin has been leading training programs for the last 34 years. He is the creator of the internationally known form of Body Therapy, Holistic Pain Healing, a psychosomatic and deep massage method that releases pain at its roots.

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He is a senior facilitator at the Learning Love Institute and has been leading workshops in Learning Love for the past 10 years. For 10 years he has been a leader in the Path of Love and has been deeply involved with this work for 17 years. He has been a disciple of Osho for over 34 years and has a love for intimacy, honesty and truth. Satyarthi accepts and loves people and is passionately involved with the Path of Love. He brings talent and friendliness to his work holding a space for deep honesty and heartful exposure.

He is the author of Living in Balance and is currently writing a book called the Essence of Bodywork. Samved has worked in the world of psychotherapy and meditation for more than 25 years. There he trained extensively with many aspects of therapy including bioenergetics, encounter, rebirthing, primal therapy and counselling.

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  2. Intersubjective Spiritual Healing.
  3. The Science and Theology of Godly Love;
  4. The New S/M: Sex Magic and Intimate Ritual - Intimacy Unleashed.

Samved has trained and worked with the Path of Love for 14 years and continues to be inspired by the depth of insight and transformation provided by the Process. He pursues his own enquiry and ongoing training in ego psychology with Diamond Essence.

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Sambhavo is a specialized therapist with a Clinical Master and Ph. He was a psychology researcher and teacher at the University of Florence from till , and is a Path of Love Leader in English, Italian and Spanish. At a very young age, his passion for human potential and self-discovery drew him to meditation and psychology, where he became familiar with many self-exploration techniques, meditations and therapy approaches such as: Osho Therapy, Strategic Short-Term Therapy, Group Dynamic, Bioenergetic, Sexual Trauma, Primal, Trauma Resolution and Psychodynamic Therapy.

His longing for truth never stops, and he constantly searches and works on himself, experiencing new paths, methods, groups, and self-development processes.

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The teachings provided in the book lead us to choose love, and provide us with the tools to learn to truly love ourselves. I revealed many dark secrets in her presence as if guided by a Higher Source to trust this woman with my soul. When she shared with me that God spoke to her and she was writing a book to document and share the powerful messages she received, I knew a Divine intervention was at hand.

My soul was in need of deep healing and I remained open to the possibility that the answers I sought were in this book. In her book, Noemi poses the exact questions I would have asked and the answers she received resonated deeply within my heart, mind, and soul. Throughout the summer of , I immersed myself in the pages of this literary miracle.

Gradually and deliberately I chose to incorporate the teachings. I also appreciated her personal stories as she applied what she heard, and the summary reflections and practices outlined in each chapter. I am amazed by the significant transformation that occurred deep inside my mind, body, and soul. I softened the words I chose to mentally describe myself and I re-examined the lessons I learned over the past 50 years.

I spent thousands of dollars and countless hours in pursuit of the answers that are revealed in this one, simple, profound, and life-transformative book, so heroically and selflessly written by Noemi Grace, psychotherapist, human being, Divine light, open-hearted, and uniquely chosen by God to disperse the prophetic message whose time is now! We struggle to find the deep connection with others and within ourselves that gives our lives meaning. However, in her conversations with the Divine, Noemi Grace asks questions that we all long to know.

What is revealed is that we must look within ourselves to find the answers. There are many thought-provoking questions which require the reader to look deep within their heart to uncover the fear and judgment we hold onto, beginning with the two operative questions: What do I see when I look at this from love? They had and were breaking out of their own self constructed prisons at the same time, and as I met more and more of my soul family, I felt surrounded with love, from people who could call me out and hold me responsible just as they do themselves.

We all have many to thank who have paved the way before us, so that we may be here in this moment right now. And as I changed myself, the whole world began to look different, less harsh, more loving, more acceptance, more beauty and pure joy. After all, just like you, I am here on this beautiful Earth as a human!

I make mistakes, learn by trial and error. I am my own best guinea pig! I enjoy being RAW, eccentric, transparent, sometimes rough, sometimes refined, feeling the truth of whatever emotion or feeling is moving through at any given moment. This is my daily practice, and for each day I am graced with life, I am abundantly grateful.

Or not. This is my path, my journey. If you choose to work or relate with me, I will never push my beliefs on you. However, if you are drawn to work with me, there is most likely a reason why, for us to learn from each other, you and I are both student and teacher. I do all I can to hold space and bring as much Love, connection and Truth in as I am capable of in each moment for the betterment of all.

This is my will, as much as I believe it is God's Will for me. In tremendous gratitude for all life, Namaste Gaia.

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Come join in the Movement Classes , get your heart pumping, especially Devotional Yoga to start the breakthrough into ultimate devotion - to yourself, to your Creator, to your path. What are you willing go DO to shift where you are into what you Desire? You have all the support you will ever need as soon as you choose YES!

It redefined for me what a "massage" is, and is capable of being. Her genuine loving presence combined with her remarkably strong and skillful hands were a sublime pleasure to experience. I will be returning to work with her at every opportunity. Contact Us.