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And that is this: Everyone deserves a second chance. There are several different contexts you use, but they mostly involve a character who did something wrong b character who has been wronged and c the latter having mercy and declaring said phrase.

Sincerely, Someone it may concern. This has been a text post rant popular culture everyone deserves a second chance? Getting ready to watch. Giving someone a second chance is never stupid….

  • America’s Teacher of the Year Believes Everyone Deserves a Second Chance.
  • Everyone Deserves a Second Chance.
  • Stop Giving Him Endless Chances — He Doesn't Deserve Them.

People make mistakes. Being hurt sucks.

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  6. Bottom line is I still love you Everyone deserves a second chance. Holy shit. The second chance in life. Remember, we are what we think!

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    Giving ourselves a chance to change our mindset, our paradigm that obviously impedes us to be happy or to love again is a challenge… a quest. Unity has been an influence in my life for more than 50 years. I am now retired after a long career in the corrections field, during which my Unity background sustained me.

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    As a director of several correctional facilities, I offered inmates a second chance at life. At the Kansas Correctional Institution at Lansing KCIL , where I was director, we began a new program where both men and women were housed in the same minimum security prison.

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    I was excited about this program because I knew that inmates who served long terms without ever talking with or being around those of the opposite sex were doomed to fail in society once they were released. At KCIL, male and female inmates had opportunities to relate with one another during supervised, structured activities such as self-help programs, educational classes, dances and team sports.

    The men and women had rooms, instead of cells, in dorms at opposite ends of the campus. Some inmates were able to leave during the day to work at a local factory.

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    5. All in all, it was a proving ground before they were deemed ready for release from the state prison system. He was a tall, muscular man, a loner who never smiled or talked to many people. John did form a kind of puppy-love relationship with another inmate, a beautiful young woman. When another inmate flirted with Sarah in front of John, he went into a rage and trashed his room. The rule was: any violent behavior and the inmate went back to the Kansas State Prison. And John went back. After losing everything, Listening House gave me reasons to be thankful. Who knew that guitars, chess, couches, and clean clothes were enough to lift my spirit so much!

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      My perception about life changed after basking in the tenderness and acceptance at Listening House. It was where I conquered my addiction to cigarettes and got into the best shape of my life, losing more than 50 pounds. It was where I learned the truth about success from accomplished businessmen and businesswomen who worked side by side with me as we volunteered to clean the bathrooms. No matter how hard I looked, I could not find outcasts.

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      Everyone was accepted; no matter rich or poor, black, brown or white, Christian or Muslim. It shocked me to discover a wealthy business executive weekly volunteer would actually take time to answer my questions about the nature of success. I learned rich people are not much different from poor people because they had problems too. They taught me that even with the hardest problems and difficulties a person can still decide to extend a helping hand to others who are hurting.