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Black bear cubs take to the water easily and quickly. One of our favourite black bear facts is that one adult is believed to have swum nine miles along the Gulf of Mexico.

Interesting facts about sloth bears | Just Fun Facts

Black bears live for an average of 18 years in the wild, but the record is an impressive 39 years. The oldest captive black bear was 44 years old when it died. Black bears tend to shuffle along slowly when walking, but are able to run at speeds of around kph. However, they cannot maintain this pace for long. Plump bears in heavy winter coats tire out particularly quickly. Despite their name, black bears are not always black — they can also be light brown, blond or even grey-blue.

A subspecies of black bear with white fur, known as the Kermode or spirit bear, lives in British Columbia. Check out our list of 10 spirit bear facts you need to know! Female black bears can give birth to up to six cubs, but typically have two to three, and usually breed every other year.

Cubs stay with their mother for about 18 months. Black bears will leave the forest and travel many miles to seek food, entering back gardens and campsites.

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They have an exceptional sense of smell, leading them to seek out food items in rubbish bins and outdoor storage facilities. They are also perfectly capable of breaking into cars. According to Born Free USA, black bears can be legally hunted in 27 states in America, and between 40, to 50, bears are legally hunted there each year.

More are illegally poached, and many are killed in car accidents as well. If you come across a black bear at close range, the usual advice is to retreat slowly, still facing the bear. Do not run. Black bears are known to make mock-charges to within a few metres — if they do this, stand your ground and shout. In July and August black bears gather at a waterfall just below a viewing platform to feed on spawning pink salmon.

For the best experience, stay overnight at the Anan Bay Cabin. On the west coast of Vancouver Island, Tofino offers a fantastic wilderness adventure and the densest populations of black bears in the world. In mid-summer they can easily be seen on the rocky foreshores, where they wander at low tide to feast on crabs and fish. Orcas and grey and humpback whales are also common. Yellowstone National Park is the only place where you can easily see black bears amid other charismatic wildlife such as bison, elk, moose, grizzlies and wolves.

But this is a huge park, so it helps to hire a wildlife expert as your guide. Though the park has a high density of bears, they can be skittish and difficult to watch — except along Cades Cove Loop Road, an old homestead area with relict orchards, fruit trees and open meadows, which attracts lots of bears between April and October.

Alternatively, drive the Milltail Road on your own.

Bears – The Large Lumbering Animals

Home Animal Facts Mammals 12 amazing black bear facts. With their tough exteriors and drive to hunt, polar bears can live a fairly long life. The oldest sea bear was named Debby.

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She was years-old and lived in Canada. After mating and spending time in snow caves, mothers give birth to their cubs in December. In the first year, they're called COYs cubs of the year. Although they evolved from brown bears, this Arctic icon doesn't hibernate, according to the National Wildlife Federation.

During the winter, sea ice forms and it's the perfect time to hunt for seals.

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  • 15 Polar Bear Facts That Prove Just How Fascinating They Are - Polar Bear Facts and Photos.

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Biotin's Benefits for Hair and Nails. Paul Souders Getty Images. Polar bears aren't actually white. Its scientific name means "sea bear.

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Justinreznick Getty Images. A group of indigenous people refuse to say polar bear. SylvieBouchard Getty Images. Swimming is in their DNA. Danita Delimont Getty Images. Polar bears are fast on land. Males can weigh up to 1, pounds. They're considered marine mammals. Their sense of smell is superb. Jami Tarris Getty Images. Polar bears are known for still-hunting. JohnPitcher Getty Images.

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Polar bears touch noses to share food. Patrick J. Endres Getty Images. They roll in the snow to clean themselves.