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A number of those strategies back the draw , which is an unpopular bet and often ends up with odds above their true probability as part of the bookmaker book-balancing act. Colossus 17 Dog Draw, The Golden6 A number of underdog strategies also show good profits, which again follows the idea of unfancied outcomes having their odds raised above true levels.

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When people see a run of many low scoring games that all suggest under 2. Over 2. Betaminic has its own models based on statistics that find value bets as soon as they come up. Each pick states its minimum odds and if bookmaker odds are lower than this, it should not be bet on.

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When to bet is up to each person, now or wait for later, but it is another form of gambling to hope the odds will go up later on. The important part is to bet at higher odds than what our model says is value. This is also not a sign of value, just a sign of the crowd following each other. True value comes from well researched patterns. Once you know the minimum odds for a value bet, then it is important to compare odds at different bookmakers and get the highest price.

Different bookmakers will be balancing out different levels of bets from their customers and this is where we can see price differences. Whether you are an early bird who bets as soon as the betting tips are sent out, or whether you put your bets into a bot that bets at 5 minutes before kick-off, it will not change the long term success. This is the ultimate fact that disproves the Closing Odds Market Theory. You can see how close the profits are. Most significantly, Colossus 17 Dog Draw had over 6, bets, but the overall profit is only 24 points higher if you had bet on the opening odds.

You actually make less profit if you bet on the closing odds which are supposed to have less value according to Closing Odds Theory. For Colossus 3 Free Scoring Favorites you make less profit betting on the opening odds.

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The other two strategies also show very little point profit difference. It does not matter which odds you bet on, closing or opening, Betaminic strategies all make profit with value picks. The idea that beating the closing odds is the only way to make profit is almost like saying the only way to make money on the stock market is knowing when to buy high. It is difficult to know if the odds available now are going to be higher or lower than the final closing odds. It is like fortune telling. On average, about a third of the odds in this data set went up from their opening level, a third went down and a third stayed the same.

It is impossible to know which will go up and which will go down. But it is possible to know the value odds and as long as you bet on odds that are above the value point, then in the long term you will make profit and that is what Betaminic does, it gives you that critical information of what are the value odds.

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Another way to think of things is that if there is a event, such as over or under 2. There are three ways that the market may go with this. It can end with closing odds of 1. It may close right on 2. It could also be pushed up to 2. Betaminic finds those odds. That is why it works. The most important point to understand is that Closing Odds Theory is based on the idea that the odds market is efficient. But the market is not efficient. There are market inefficiencies due to the bookmakers balancing their books and public opinion over-backing some outcomes.

There are also market inefficiencies due to bookmaker models being wrong in the first place. This is especially true in smaller leagues where there is less information available and more inconsistency. You can find your own or just follow the patterns that have already been found and are working right now for Betaminic users. Start here by seeing the best strategies available now. Profitable betting is Value Betting. It is worth noting that odds changes can be very dynamic with In-Play betting, and therefore you are not guaranteed the odds that you submit to your bet slip until the bet is confirmed.

You will always be notified if odds have decreased and your bet will not be placed unless you choose to accept the lower odds. You may choose to always accept smaller odds within your preferences, but bigger odds in your favour will be automatically updated. We are offering In-Play betting on many events but not all. Of course! You can use your available funds across all the games, products and services we offer.

You will not be able to open another account. We operate a strict one account per customer policy, and any bets placed on duplicate or linked account may — at our absolute discretion — be made void, whether that bet resulted in a win or loss. You can do this from the main lobby, or launch sports betting directly from a table on which you are playing.

The maximum bet you may place before your bet is referred to a trader is displayed on the bet slip once you are logged in. Any stake above this amount is referred automatically to a trader who may or may not decide to accept the additional amount. Once the odds have been updated you may place an additional bet. Please note that limits are at our discretion and can be changed at any time. However, irrespective of whether a bet has been accepted or not, maximum payout limits will remain in force. A single is a bet on one selection in an event.

Your selection must be successful to get a return. There are also other multiple bets types. At times, betting may be suspended as the odds are being revised, or a market is no longer being offered.

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For example - if a corner is being taken or a goal has been scored. A message will appear informing you that betting is suspended, in which case you will not be able to place that as a single or part of the multiple until that market is reopened. Please note that odds can change frequently In-Play and bet confirmation shows the correct odds taken. At all times, it is the customer's responsibility to be aware of the match and the events surrounding it, such as the current score, its progression and how much time remains before the match is completed.

Any information on the event is for information purposes only and should not be relied upon when placing a bet. We accept no liability for any incorrect information displayed. A bet is not valid until it is confirmed and shows in your bet history. Open Bets will show open bets and bets that are available to cash out. Cash Out is a cool option that gives you, the customer, the chance to settle your bet before the event is finished. You may cash out your bet either pre-match or in-play, for the return amount offered in the Cash Out button of your bet slip.

The bet is then settled at that amount, and any subsequent results either in your favour or against will be irrelevant. This is offered for Horseracing and is standard in the betting industry. An Each-Way bet gives you the option to bet on your selection winning or being placed. Placed can mean coming 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or more dependent on the place terms of the event and also the relevant fraction of the odds.

The stake is therefore two equal amounts - one stake for the win and one stake for the place. The stake on this bet in total is 10 5 win and 5 place. If your selection did win you would also make a profit on the win part of the bet.

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Yes, you can, but you must be logged into the sports betting product to do so. If you are not logged in, the odds format shown will be based on your location. We offer three options: Fractional, Decimal and American, which are the most popular. Fractional odds are commonly used in the UK and in settlement does not include the stake. Decimal odds are more common in Europe and settlement includes the stake.

American odds are based on amounts. On the other hand, if the odds show as a - then this is the amount to be placed to win units. You can get a Free Bet by taking part in some of our promotions. There will be certain conditions regarding the awarding of Free Bets which may vary by promotion.

If you are eligible for a Free Bet, it will be credited to your account, usually within 48 hours of the completion of the qualifying bet requirement. To use your Free Bet, you will need to select it from the drop-down menu in your bet slip after making your selection. You can always check whether you have Free Bets available or not by clicking in the Free Bet column beside your Open bets in the bet slip. Click on the price button of the horse you want to bet on, and the betting slip on the right-hand side of the screen will show your selection. The stake entered in the box will be doubled for EW bets.

If you select more than one horse your multiple bet options will be highlighted at the bottom of the betting slip.

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  5. When a customer takes an early price in a race where there are subsequently non-runners, a Tattersalls Rule 4 deduction is made to balance the market. The size of the deduction depends on the price of the withdrawn horse at the time of withdrawal.

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    The table below shows the amount to be deducted per unit bet. This means your total winnings would be 7. Bets on non-runners are void and are settled at 1. If your bet contains more than one horse then the bet will stand - a double will now be a single on your remaining horse, a treble a double, and so on.

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    The place terms we offer are conditional on the number of horses actually coming under starters orders. Prior to the race, should the number of runners fall below a key threshold, the place terms offered will be amended for both existing bets and any new each way bets. The terms offered are as below. In the event of a dead heat for first place featuring two horses, half of your bet is processed as a winner and half of your bet is processed as a loser. If three horses dead-heated for first place the bet would be settled as 0.

    The same principles apply to Each-Way bets as well. A match bet is a straight contest between two horses, whichever finishes first of the pair wins the match bet. However, if neither horse completes the race then all stakes are returned to the customer. Please Note: a disqualified horse will be deemed to have finished the race in last place. On occasions, we offer customers the opportunity to bet without a named runner.

    If you bet on a horse and it finishes second to the named runner it will be paid as the winner. If the race is offered as a Win and Each-Way race and there are three places, the first three horses to finish excluding the named runner will be the placed horses. Tattersalls Rule 4 will, where applicable, be deducted from this market unless the only horse not running is the named runner.

    Also known as Ante-Post bets, these are bets placed prior to the deadline for the final declarations. Similarly, the Each-Way terms at the time the bet was struck are honoured regardless of how many horses race on the day. If a horse was declared to run but is not allowed because the maximum number of runners has been exceeded, stakes placed on these horses will be returned. Please Note: our streaming may be delayed by up to 20 seconds. Live streaming events are restricted on a geographical basis. Customers can access At The Races live streaming via their web browsers, the poker client, and via their mobile or tablet.

    For a short period, the Racing UK live stream will initially only be available via the web browser. The stream will start shortly before a given race begins. It will end shortly after said race has finished. Unfortunately, an Ante-Post bet will not entitle you to watch the race. The Ante-Post markets are distinctly separate from the race day markets and the entitlement will not be triggered.

    Our aim is to settle bets as soon as possible so you have your winnings back in your account. In some cases, settlement is dependent on when we receive confirmation of the official result from the source providers, which may cause a slight delay. We aim to have all bets settled within an hour of the event finishing. Where a bet has been voided, all stakes will be returned to your account.

    If your selection does not take part in a multiple bet, the bet will still stand and settled on your remaining selections.