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Please share this art Of all European cities, Berlin is the one that relaxes the rules to allow for a walk on the wild side — at any time of the day or night. These are our twelve of the best. Scenery does not get much more spectacular than the Cirque de Gavarnie , high in the French Pyrenean Mountains near the border with Spain. Just the sight of the sheer cliffs rising nearly 5,ft from the valley floor is enough to take your breath away. Growing up in a country like Ireland, I can safely say that my childhood woes were very minimal. However I learned over a recent hilarious dinner conversation that I was not alone in what I once considered to be 'the struggle'.

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Leftovers is not a pretty word, to most, it conjures up images of not so appetising congealed stuff at the end of a pot or pan or rotting fruit or vegetables.

The event was attended by Irish chefs, industry leaders and media. But it is so much more than that, the culinary talents of Chef Christine Walsh, are exciting, bold and so unique in many ways. Reviewed 4 January via mobile.

Date of visit: December Ask bluebkz about mulligans irish pub. Thank bluebkz. Reviewed 27 December via mobile. Avoid it! Ask jaana about mulligans irish pub. Reviewed 13 December via mobile. Amazing food.

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Ask KarenD about mulligans irish pub. Thank KarenD Reviewed 17 November Not Great. Date of visit: November Ask KettleTraveller about mulligans irish pub.

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Thank KettleTraveller. Travellers who viewed mulligans irish pub also viewed. Mrs Murphys Irish pub. Penny Lane Bar. The Upper Deck Pub. All restaurants in Lanzarote Been to mulligans irish pub? Share your experiences! Owners: What's your side of the story? Book similar restaurants The Irish Viking. See all available restaurants. Continue with other qualities, like sound, touch, a piece of art, a genre of movie, a pair of shoes, a famous person, food, etc.

You can think of that difficult emotion as. A single bead of sand losing itself in the beaches and deserts of our planet, among all the planets. In this way, you blow away the notion that this emotion defines your identity—it is merely one of emotions you can safely experience in a rich and diverse life. This is now my favorite meditation when difficult emotions arise. Through these meditations, we expand our perspectives from ourselves to all beings, and with this expansion, we wish for happiness and love to come not only to us, but also to all.

Every day, we have to vigilantly check it to make sure the lock is in place and the cage is secure. The actions, words, and thoughts that we conjure up when we suffer difficult emotions are all different ways of exiting that emotion, and they tend to reinforce our storyline. Some of us have shorter fuses when it comes to this kind of refraining.

We go right from the trigger to the action. That rush to act or explain away is, in fact, a habit, a story that we have cultivated over time.

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That reaction has become our normal. When you work with your jealousy, it seems like there is no longer anyone to be jealous of. That is essentially what happens when someone or something flips the switch on our emotions and we are locked into a suddenly uneasy state of mind.

There is no turning back; these emotions are now in control, steering us into battle.

Now we shift out of the intellectual activity of recognition into the physical stage of sensory perception. We stop ourselves from exiting the emotion through action or bringing up the storyline that we assign to these emotions. Instead, we move toward these feelings through meditation or simple awareness exercises, like tuning in to our body:. Notice your chest tightening, arm going weak, brow wrinkling, etc. By focusing on these tangible manifestations of your shenpa, you ground it and give it contours and, as such, boundaries. It becomes something you are experiencing, not who you are.

Now you have space to notice what storylines your reactions tie into. You might not get answers to all of these questions right away, but they help to put some perspective and distance between you and the trigger, so that you can get back your bearings more quickly. Release yourself from the narrative that there is something wrong here. This is where Ani Pema emphasizes the role of meditation, for it is through meditation that we can train our minds to do this.

When we meditate, we practice recognizing when our mind wanders and gently bringing it back to the object of our meditation. This is where we open ourselves to the feeling without becoming overwhelmed by it. Rather than trying to destroy the feeling or even contain it, we let that feeling be as we expand the space within us to hold it, along with all the other emotions of our human experience.


This would be my big chance to summon the courage to step away from all the dark emotions that keep me from feeling and being my best. Yet to my surprise, what I found is that real courage—and the source of true transformation—comes from stepping toward those difficult emotions. We do this by moving our awareness toward those fires, not ignoring them or trying to stomp them out at the first sign of smoke.

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With these steps, Ani Pema teaches that we can expand our emotional range and develop the resilience to be true to our nature, even as circumstances roil around us. My upcoming posts will take us through each step and explore what we can learn from her perspectives. Compare that to what a failing heart looks like: little to no amplitude in the heartbeat, slower and slower beats.

No ups, no downs, just flatlines. Those feelings are gold—they are what make us human and bind us to each other in compassion. The goal of being human is to feel it all—without indulging too heavily in the emotions that keep us from being who we want to be. In so doing, we expand our range of emotions, understand better how they affect us, and respond with clear thinking and kindness to ourselves—so we can use the transformative energy of those emotions to keep showing up at our best.

By working on ourselves, we can encourage others to live happier as well, she said—which, in turn, feeds our need for meaning in our lives. I knew, right then and there, that she was on common ground with those of us in the field of positive psychology. My next post will get us started on this common path by taking our first big step: refraining.

If that sounds like just doing nothing, think again.

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Refraining is an active, deliberate process that requires our undivided attention—and makes all the difference as we learn to be with difficult emotions. Last night, I was on the phone talking to potential voters. Listening to her rant, I felt it all: sick to my stomach that this would drive her vote this November, anger at the media and government for manipulating her vulnerability, compassion for an elderly woman in a panic.

So we each went to bed in fear. Ann, with those TV images blinking in her mind, and me, in fear of her fear and what that means for the election and decisions facing our nation. How can we go this way? What can we do with the difficult emotions that controversies like these bring into our lives?