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We give the usual weak pronunciation first. The second pronunciation strong must be used if the word is stressed, and also generally when the word is at the end of a sentence.

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English Pronunciation – British and American Pronunciation

Find out more. Quid is the British equivalent and refers to its currency; the British pound. Literally, rubbish means trash or garbage, thus describing waste material which needs to be disposed of.

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This word is also used as an adjective to describe something that is low quality or untrue. Lastly, the best way to polish your accent is to try it out on native speakers. For example, you could turn to language exchange and find a partner from England, or try to find a British pub or cultural organisation in your neighbourhood!

If you feel like you need help to improve your accent, take classes with us, you will learn how native speakers really sound. Read blog in:.

Accent Reduction and Pronunciation

Learn languages with. Search for:. What is RP anyway?

Actively listen to the way people speak To start sounding more native, your best bet is to watch programmes on the BBC. To get you started, here are 10 words you can practise aloud. Which pronunciation do you prefer? Watch tutorial videos. Here are some our favourites: Voice-over and dialect coach Patricia Fletcher gives her best tips on sounding British 3 minutes to a proper British accent with Professor David Ley Mouth exercises to work on your pronunciation.

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Use British slang Using British slang words will help you sound more native. Bloody This word is used before another one to amplify or exaggerate its meaning. Cheers Cheers is not only used when having a drink and clinking glasses. Fit This adjective is used to describe somebody who is very good looking and attractive. Gutted Gutted is an informal way to say you are bitter and disappointed about a situation.

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Rubbish Literally, rubbish means trash or garbage, thus describing waste material which needs to be disposed of. Practise with native speakers. Learn English today. Next Online Language Learning vs Apps?