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Tutorial papers and brief papers containing significant new data or techniques, or commenting on previously published papers letters to the Editor , may be published as Short Communications. Search in:. ISSN: Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment. Co-Editors-in-Chief: X. Ding , G.

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  2. Principles and Applications of Aerial Photography;
  3. National Environmental Public Health Tracking;

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Order Journal. Journal Metrics CiteScore : 2. CIESIN's primary role is to develop socioeconomic indicators based on a range of data sets for approximately transboundary river basins globally. He is also co-leading a new DSWG subgroup focused on encouraging more open data sharing environments and building capacity for data sharing at the national level. The Web site has also been improved in response to a recent usability review conducted by a leading user experience research firm commissioned by NASA.

CIESIN senior research associate Alex de Sherbinin travelled to Goa and Mumbai, India recently for talks and meetings on climate vulnerability and adaptation and on data management and integration. There he gave talks on climate vulnerability and adaptation and on the integration of remote sensing and social science data. He also held meetings with IIT-Bombay colleagues and city officials related to planned research on flood vulnerability in Mumbai. The workshop provided an opportunity to critically evaluate the role of governance in climate scenarios.

Finally, he participated in the launch of a project on Governance and the Sustainable Development Goals, to be carried out under the joint auspices of the UN University and the Earth Systems Governance Project with financial support by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment. The power shutdown is expected to last until Sunday, January However, many staff members will be working from other locations and accessible via electronic mail.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience. The articles highlight a wide variety of natural and social science research activities enabled by access to Earth observations and related data from EOSDIS.

1st Edition

In one article, former CIESIN staff member Adam Storeygard, now an assistant professor of economics at Tufts University, discusses his use of night-time lights and population data to better estimate economic activity around the world over recent decades. The collection is available for free, both in print and online. Edited by Stanley A.


Morain and Ameilia M. Budge of the University of New Mexico, the volume includes a range of papers on the use of Earth observations and other geospatial environmental and socioeconomic data in public health applications. Characterising and monitoring semi-arid wetlands using multi-angle hyperspectral and multispectral data. Wetland feature extraction and change detection study of a playa lake environment in NE Spain using hyperspectral and multispectral images.

Semi-arid wetlands: Assessment of their degradation status and monitoring by multi-sensor remote sensing. Spatial analysis of land cover properties for an archaeological area in Aksum, Ethiopia, applying high and medium resolution data. Highland Symposium , Mekelle, Ethiopia, September Monitoring wetlands in semi-arid environments of Spain. Applications of Hyperion hyperspectral and ASTER multispectral data in characterizing vegetation for water resources studies in arid lands.

Ghoneim, E. Thermal anomalies in eastern Arabia: implication to groundwater recharge.

Use of imaging spectroscopy to assess the impact of land use changes in a semi-arid karstic landscape: Los Monegros, Spain. Field and imaging spectroscopy to determine soil degradation stages in semi-arid terrestial ecosystems. Changes in wetland composition as detected by remote sensing: a case study in La Mancha, Spain. Application of spectroscopial, hyperspectral and multispectral data to study wetlands in semi-arid environments Central Spain. Modeling Flash Flood Hazards in an arid region by remote sensing. Abstracts — part 2, Session , Paper 5, p.

Application of hyperspectral data to study saline wetland areas in semiarid environments. Synergetic use of multispectral and hyperspectral data in characterizing changes in semiarid wetlands in Spain.

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  • DiBlasi, M. Monitoring of saline soils within wetland areas under semiarid conditions applying hyperspectral and multispectral data. Wavelet-based de-noising of derivative spectra. Semi-arid wetland spectral library and its application to study wetland and soil degradation with hyperspectral and multispectral data.

    Synergistic use of hyperspectral and multispectral data for identification and monitoring of salinity in Mediterranean environments. The study of anthropogenic affected wetlands in semi-arid environments applying airborne hyperspectral data. In: J. Rosell Urrutia and J. Universitat de Lleida — Editorial Milenio, pp. Synergetic use of hyperspectral and multispectral data for the study of semi-arid wetland degradation in Spain.

    Application of ALOS in arid land studies: land degradation, natural hazards and water resources. Flash flood hazard mapping in Oman using GIS. Spectral and textural classification of multi-source imagery to identify soil degradation stages in semi-arid environments. Spectral and textural classification of active wadi systems in arid lands by Landsat TM and Radarsat data.

    A methodology to identify soil degradation stages using remote sensing in semi-arid environments. Characterizing active wadi channels in arid lands by linear mixture modeling.

    Volume XLII-4/W14, 12222

    Identifying geo-indicators of land degradation in a semi-arid Mediterranean environment using remote sensing. Extension of the technique of principal components analysis for use in end-member selection. Characterising soils as land degradation indicators in a semi-arid Mediterranean area using a spectral unmixing methodology.

    Mapping the distribution of evaporitic soils in Los Monegros using spectral unmixing methods. The use of linear mixture modelling in defining the spatial extent of landscape components in a semi-arid area. Factor and vector analysis approaches to the estimation of mixture proportions.