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Fight the alien threat across 9 unique levels, each with a powerful boss to defeat. Customize your mech's loadout with an assortment of powerful weapons, including the rapid fire assault rifle, high impact railgun, concentrated laser beam, and more. Choose your own approach to combat.

Pick your foes off with ranged weapons, or get in close with devastating sword strikes. Use the enemy forces to your advantage! As you damage foes they become primed for a powerful EMP blast, which will destroy them and any ships caught in the blast.

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Gifting on Steam The Steam Community. Support Forums Stats. He grew up playing baseball and attending summer camp. He is deeply connected to his Croatian heritage and has a tightly knit family. He loves to spend time with his sister and parents. Brennen has a successful career in sales and a passion for music and acting that shines through in his hobbies.

For nearly eight years, he has hosted a podcast, that is nearing its th episode, focusing on Canadian techno music. He has also released his first short film that he wrote and produced. On the weekends he often spends time at the Croatian Park enjoying traditional food and beverages.

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Brennen is outspoken, loyal, honest, and is known for being a jokester. He loves to tease his friends and family in his own silly, endearing manner. He considers himself a person who is helpful and treats people with respect.

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He has three brothers, and had a typical, middle class upbringing where he went to public school and was taught to respect authority. Larry works in the retail industry in shipping and receiving, and is a self-described country boy. He has two adult daughters who help to keep him grounded. He is proud of his childrens acheivment as together they started a successful coffee company in Ontario.

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Being a parent has helped him understand the different needs and abilities children have and is important to how he sees the world. Larry is an opinionated man who holds very conservative views and is not afraid to offer his opinion. Larry has strong views about immigration; he believes that if one moves to Canada, they should implement the views and traditions of the west, and if you mess up, you should be sent back to the country in which you were born.

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He believes that Canada has a responsibility to help the indigenous community for what they did for the settlers, and upholds that Canadians are living in the best country in the world. Samantha was born and raised in Whitby, Ontario. She has a large, closely-knit family and describes her childhood as quite perfect.

Samantha went to University in Ontario, where she studied media and communications. After taking some time to travel, Samantha returned to school to study event management. Form a corporation with other players and declare war to take the galaxy for your own, fight off alien XENO invasions and create an unbeatable fleet. Take your fleets and conquer the galaxy. Gain control of Outposts, upgrade them with defenses and reap the rewards.

Join a Corporation and take part in 3v3 Outpost assaults to show your strength. Send Drones to harvest resources or respond to distress calls.