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Nevertheless, many believe there were originally far more shapes than what is visible today. A sandstorm in uncovered two new patterns of a snake and a llama, adding fuel to speculation that up to geoglyphs may have originally existed. Scientists have managed to determine that the lines were drawn by digging a four- to six-inch trench in the dark upper strata, which exposes the lighter earth underneath.

Some primitive stakes were found at the scene, suggesting that a basic knowledge of surveying aided the effort. Tests have shown that this occurred over a period of some years, most likely between the 1st and 6th centuries. A prolonged effort to say the least.

But one niggling question remained.

Mystery of Peru's Nazca Lines and the Lost City of Ghosts (Full Documentary)

Several theories have been put forth to explain why on earth these Pre-Inca people spent so much time and effort drawing lines in the sand. Were they for irrigation? Or some sort of celestial calendar? More creative theories have suggested they created them for aliens who visited the region centuries ago. In , a team of archaeologists from the Texas State University discovered a headless mummy who was determined to be the victim of a human sacrifice. Buried near the mummy were various pieces of pottery containing similar patterns to the Nazca Lines. Furthermore, a number of artworks appearing to depict worshipers dancing around the lines were later uncovered.

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The well-known Shroud of Turin is perhaps one of the greatest mysteries in modern-day history. The imprint seen on the Shroud of Turin seems to depict the image of a bearded adult male. On the surface of the Shroud traces of blood are seen which suggest whoever wore it had a violent end.

Many researchers believe that the Shroud of Turin belonged to Jesus Christ. The weave of the fabric suggests that it dates back to the time of Jesus Christ and the blood patterns present on it indicate to crucifixion as cause of death. While many people doubt that it was the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, there are many researchers around the world who firmly believe that Jesus Christ came in contact with the Shroud of Turin in the distant past.

The biggest debate surrounding the Shroud is the date of origin. Some scientists believe the shroud dates back to the 13th or 14 century, while many others believe it could be much older. Whether the Shroud of Turin belonged or not to Jesus Christ, it surely remains as one of the biggest mysteries in history. This ancient document which was named after Polish antiquarian Wilfried M.

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Voynich who discovered it in in a monastery in Italy remains as one of the biggest mysteries in the history of mankind. The mysterious book, containing pictures and an unknown and undecipherable language is estimated to have been written around years ago by an unknown writer using an unknown writing system.


Many believe that the Voynich manuscript is some sort of pharmacological book since many of its depictions illustrate ancient medical treatments, but strangely it also seems to contain an early cosmological map. What has baffled researchers mostly about the Voynich manuscript is without a doubt the language or writing system it contains and the illustration of unknown plants and cosmological charts which has led many to believe it was a manual written by a being not from Earth.

However there is a group of people who believe the Voynch manuscript is an elaborate hoax and that the words and depictions are meaningless and purely fictional. This ancient text is currently located at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University and no one has been able to decipher it. If these structures prove to be the real deal they are being battered by mainstream scholars and tagged as a hoax then we are looking at a whole new page in our history books, one that changes everything we know about civilizations, origin of mankind and humans on Earth.

No one knew that the Pyramid was a pyramid until geological surveys were done in According to stamens from Geologist Dr Danny Hilman could hide the remains of a lost temple that could date back 20, years. Hilman believes that the site Gunung Padang is of great cultural and historical importance since it contains the remains of a huge Pyramid that was built some 20, years ago, by a lost civilization, adding that it may have been built for worship or as a giant astronomical instrument.

Mysterious Nazca Lines reveal their secrets

The first radiocarbon dating was done by Danny Natawidjaja producing dates around to 1, BC which was in the limits of accepted dates by mainstream scholars. However, everyone was in for a surprise when Natawidjaja and his team extended their investigation using tubular drills that allowed them to carbon date much deeper levels of the structure. The first samples showed evidence of manmade structures far beneath the surface. Like many other discoveries in the past, Gunug Padang has been dubbed by many mainstream scholars as a hoax and nothing more.

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The Nazca lines are without a doubt one of the most mysterious features in South America. These enigmatic geoglyphs have captured the amazement of researchers and tourists alike. People have wondered what their real purpose was for years, yet no one can accurately explain their purpose and origin. Were these giant figures meant to be seen from above?

Nazca Lines Theories: The Mystery of The Geoglyphs - Nazca Lines Tours

Do hey mimic constellations in the sky? Were the Nazca lines mere ancient art? If so… why would ancient mankind create art that cannot be fully appreciated from the ground? What if the answer to the enigmatic Nazca lines is right in front of us, yet we do not want to accept it?