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Draw your on drawings inspired by the script! This playbook is yours to draw in: do it and enjoy! All this helps activate your right brain. After that you will feel comfortable to listen to the Italian only version of the adventure and feel proud as you understand everything. Playfully answer the questions presented at the end of each script. Speak in chorus with the Italian only version of the adventure. Get synchronized with the Italian voice and speak with it.

This is a little challenge, but it is fun and really helps your brain understand that you really want to speak Italian! Look at the mind map and imagine the adventure while looking at it. Write down the words you easily remember on the mind map branches. Create your own mind map. Do you also want to improve your writing skills?

Use play and pause to create your own dictation exercise.

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Write down what you listen to, then check how good you are! Alternatively, just copy the Italian version of the episode in your own handwriting. In the next paragraph you will find some positive affirmations in Italian. Write them down and pronounce them enthusiastically.

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Look forward to your play time with Speak Italian magically! For the first few days, spend at max twenty minutes a day. Gradually build into 30 to 60 minutes a day. Day after day I speak Italian better and better! Speaking Italian is like speaking my mother tongue! Find a comfortable place to sit. Uncross your legs. You may want to sit in a comfortable chair, su una sedia comoda, or Indian style on the floor, sul pavimento, or on a rug, su un tappeto.

You may even want to lie down with your arms at your sides.

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Now close your eyes, chiudi gli occhi and concentrate on your breathing. Breathe slowly, respira lentamente. Breathe in, hold your breath and feel your heartbeat. Breathe out. As you relax, mentre ti rilassi, allow your imagination, permetti alla tua immaginazione, to help you recall a pleasant learning experience, di aiutarti a ricordare una piacevole esperienza di apprendimento.

A time when you learned something important. What do you see? Cosa vedi? What do you hear? Cosa senti? What do you feel? Cosa provi? What special qualities does this experience have? Allow yourself to reexperience those qualities, permettiti di rivivere quelle caratteristiche. Let them fill you, lascia che ti riempiano. Imagine a group of nice Italian people and you talking to them, immagina un gruppo di simpatiche persone italiane e di parlare con loro, they are your friends, sono tuoi amici.

Notice the look of your friends, as you are speaking to them, nota lo sguardo dei tuoi amici, mentre stai parlando con loro. And even more important, you are proud of yourself, e molto Antonio Libertino. They have a gift for you, hanno un regalo per te. You thank them and take the box in your hands, li ringrazi e la prendi in mano. You look at it, la guardi, you shake it, la scuoti, you feel the pleasant weight in your hands, senti il suo piacevole peso nelle tue mani. This box contains all the positive qualities of your special learning experience, questa scatola contiene tutte le caratteristiche positive della tua esperienza speciale di apprendimento.

You can imagine to take this box, puoi immaginare di prendere questa scatola, every time you want to feel joy, curiosity and confidence, ogni volta che vuoi provare gioia, Antonio Libertino. Uno, due, tre, quattro, cinque. Open your eyes, apri gli occhi! Welcome back! Sei felice e in armonia con te stesso e con la vita, You are happy and in harmony with yourself and life. Trova un posto comodo per sederti. Disincrocia le gambe. Oppure ancora vuoi coricarti con le braccia ai lati. Adesso chiudi gli occhi e concentrati sul tuo respiro.

Respira lentamente. Inspira, trattieni il fiato e senti il battito del tuo cuore. Mentre ti rilassi, permetti alla tua immaginazione di aiutarti a ricordare una piacevole esperienza di apprendimento. Una volta in cui hai imparato qualcosa di importante per te. Che caratteristiche speciali ha questa esperienza? Permettiti di rivivere quelle caratteristiche. Lascia che ti riempiano. Immagina un gruppo di simAntonio Libertino. Nota lo sguardo dei tuoi amici, mentre stai parlando con loro.

Sono felici e orgogliosi di te. Li ringrazi e la prendi in mano. La guardi, la scuoti, senti il suo piacevole peso nelle tue mani.

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Questa scatola contiene tutte le caratteristiche positive della tua esperienza speciale di apprendimento. Uno, due, tre, quattro, Antonio Libertino.

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Sei, sette, otto, nove, e dieci. Apri gli occhi! Sei felice e in armonia con te stesso e con la vita. How do you feel every time you speak Italian?


Come ti senti ogni volta che parli italiano? Have you enjoyed this excerpt? I thank you very much for the interest you have shown by reading the first pages of Speak Italian Magically! On the pages that you could read for free, beside the table of content, you found the introduction to the method and the complete first lesson of the course. This way you could see what the course is about and see how it could help you.


Please notice that the mp3s are included for free only in the paperback version. If you enjoyed this preview, let your friends know it. Promoting language learning is an act of great respect for ourselves and the people around us. I thank you again for reading these pages and I remind you that you can get the complete version of it on several online bookstores, including Amazon. Grazie di cuore, Antonio Libertino. Antonio Libertino is a widely experienced teacher who has also learned English and German. There he ate three kilos of Nutella Italian creamy chocolate in three months, but he didn't put on too much weight.

He can be reached at: www. Other books by Antonio Libertino Risveglia il tuo italiano! Awaken Your Italian! Have you ever thought that you can learn something useful for yourself and your life while learning a new language? With Awaken Your Italian! I segreti della lingua Italiana per stranieri The secrets of the Italian language A simple but effective method to learning the language of love, music, and culture while having fun.

The Secrets of the Italian Language is a book to always keep next to other Italian books and courses. It will help you while learning the Italian language, whether you study by yourself or take a class.

Here is the basic idea of this Englishspeaker-oriented manual: the horizontal format on two columns with English paral-. An audiobook to download is included for free. Would you like to visit one of the most beautiful Italian sea towns? What if you could refresh Italian at the same time too? Whether you have been to Tropea or not, this little book, written entirely in Italian, will let you feel as if you were there!

You will actually get cultural information about the wonderful Tropea as well as everyday dialogues, useful sentences, and basic Italian grammar. Who said that learning Italian can't be fun? And you get an audiobook for free too! Pensa in Italiano! As you will notice, by using this book, there are not any English translations of the sentences.

Because the goal of this book is to let you Think in Italian as much as possible. Besides, if you understand everything that is written thanks to pictures, what do you need translations for? Consider Think in Italian like a collection of flash cards in Italian. There are fifty cards. Each of them includes words, expressions, and sentences commonly used in the Italian language.

Available as an eBook and paperback, it comes with a free audio recording of the Italian sentences. Speak Italian magically is an Italian course for absolute beginners. See More. Praise for Speak Italian Magically!

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Kushi, Italian learner Love method of relaxed alertness. Contents 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 Stop! They were trying to do something like that: house, casa, house, casa,house, casa,house, casa, house, casa,house, casa,house, casa,house, casa,house, casa. Do you remember the first time you drove a car? X Now, I am just going to ask you to write down with a pen on a piece of paper this sentence: Io parlo l'italiano molto bene [ I speak Italian very well] Just copy it and put it on a place where you can see it every day.

Learning Italian is easy! I speak Italian very well!! I like Italy!! When I speak Italian I feel joy! Mi piace mangiare italiano! I like eating Italian food! This way the acquiring of the language will be easier. At this point check the answer. Practise as often as you can and for brief periods. Take your ebook reader with you and use Think in Italian every time you have the chance to.

Remember that the idea is to Think in Italian and to avoid your mother tongue. Have fun with Think in Italian! Imagine how you will feel by speaking another language, a different one than yours. Sense all the feelings you can feel. You will listen to yourself uttering different and pleasant sounds. You will see people astounded around you because of this new skill of yours. Will you be excited? Of course you will be! I will be excited for you too, because for me it is so rewarding to see people, who couldn't speak a word before, conversing in my own language.

That is the real joy for me and I mean it from the heart. I am Antonio Libertino, born and lived in Tropea, Italy and I share with you a passion for foreign languages and world cultures. It all begun when I realised that I couldn't communicate with a foreign girl I fell in love with, if I didn't know at least English.

What did I do? I took the first cassette course I could find and started learning as fast as I could. I was really motivated to do that.

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What am I suggesting? That you should get an Italian boyfriend or girlfriend? That wouldn't be a bad idea too, but there are a lot of other ways to learn my language. And I can reveal them to you at your place. I went on, I learned how to speak English. That love story was over, but it started my passion for foreign languages and cultures. Then the director of an Italian school for foreigners asked me to teach Italian in his school. I asked: "How am I going to do that?

I soon realised it wasn't with just a book that I could teach people I wanted to teach people and to let them feel at ease. During the years, I went on teaching in that school, till I decided to work on my own.

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The teaching passion brought me to obtain the Ditals certificate Level II which is issued by the University of Siena for Foreigners, and it tests theoretical and practical knowledge of candidates in the fields of teaching Italian to foreigners. Sometimes it seems that an invisible force guides you to develop your passions and discover tricks and secrets to learn and teach a language.

We can't deny we are living a learning revolution and especially in learning languages: we can't use anymore the teaching methods we used ten years ago. Today we have multimedia computers, internet, cd-roms, skype and learning a new language is so easy!