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But some researchers are now raising the alarm about what they see as the proliferation of online journals that will print seemingly anything for a fee. They warn that nonexperts doing online research will have trouble distinguishing credible research from junk.

Goodman said. Are the publications they list in highly competitive journals or ones masquerading as such?


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And some academics themselves say they have found it difficult to disentangle themselves from these journals once they mistakenly agree to serve on their editorial boards. The phenomenon has caught the attention of Nature, one of the most competitive and well-regarded scientific journals.

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He estimates that there are as many as 4, predatory journals today, at least 25 percent of the total number of open-access journals. They barrage academics with e-mail invitations to submit articles and to be on editorial boards. Gedela, who lists a Ph.

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Open-access publishers say that the papers they publish are reviewed and that their businesses are legitimate and ethical. Gedela wrote in an e-mail. They were accepted. He was shocked, having had no idea there was a fee for publishing. He asked to withdraw the papers, but they were published anyway.

Horrified researchers want out of “infomercial” for shady stem-cell clinics

Finally, after a year and many e-mails and a phone call, the journal forgave the money it claimed he owed. He was surprised, though, when the journal repeatedly asked him to recruit authors and submit his own papers. Mainstream journals do not do this because researchers ordinarily want to publish their papers in the best journal that will accept them. But his name was still there. Then he learned that he was listed as an organizer and speaker on a Web site advertising Entomology White asked that his name be removed from the journal and the conference.