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Compare Products. Remove This Item Compare. Clear All. My Wish List. Last Added Items. Also see Moore and Kelle, Loc. The fact that the Bible is wrong about the origins of Israel still leaves the question of where the Israelites came from unanswered of which there are other theories.

One is the gradual and peaceful immigration process. This theory has largely been rejected due to the newest evidence suggesting the Israelites did not immigrate from the outside at all, but were rather of Canaanite origin themselves which most other theories revolve around. Another is the Revolt Model. Knowledge of this rebellion largely comes from the Armana letters that date from a time more than a century before the accepted date of the Exodus. Most have come to view this as anachronistic.

The pre-monarchial material culture of the Israelites is indistinguishable from others living in Canaan; such as pottery, house plans, agricultural practices and settlement patterns. New York, New York: Doubleday, , Like the conquest, this did not happen either, at least not like it is told in the biblical record. James L. Kugel says:.

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Other than a few diehards this is the predominant view among 21st century scholars and archaeologists that the Exodus as told in the biblical account never happened. While most do not believe the Exodus happened as told in the biblical account a many believe an exodus of some kind happened, which is an important concept for Israelite origins. For the diehard conservative view see K.

Hebrew scholar Richard Elliott Friedman has written the most extensive study of this particular theory.

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Friedman agrees with the scholarly consensus that there was no large exodus from Egypt, he says:. It had already been calculated long ago that if the people were marching, say, eight across, then when the first ones got to Mount Sinai, half the people were still in Egypt.

Friedman turns to the text rather than archaeology. Friedman believes these Levite names indicates an Egyptian origin of the tribe of Levi. Friedman and many others also believe it is unlikely that a story of slavery would have been completely made up.

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According to the theory a small group escaped from Egyptian slavery and found refuge among the Israelites in Canaan. Eventually the story of the Exodus became part of the national narrative. What about the ancient patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob from whom the biblical stories say all the Israelites came from?

Like the Exodus and the settling of Canaan, the Patriarchal stories are largely viewed as legendary containing anachronisms. For example between and B.

Peculiar Personal Artifacts of Mormonism: D. Michael Quinn

Camels were not in wide use until the Second Millennium B. Genesis mentions Abimelech as king of the Philistines in Gerar, but the Philistines had not settled along the coastal plain of Canaan until after B. Also see Finkelstein and Silberman, Since the s, a large number of historians believe the patriarchal traditions originated in the Iron Age.

On the basis of what we know of Palestinian history of the Second Millennium B. Of course Christian apologists have responded with the same methodology the Mormon apologists use, attempt to remove the obstacles that make the stories impossible to argue that they are at least plausible even without actual evidence. Thompson, The Historicity of the Patriarchal Narratives , As quoted in Moore and Kelle, Loc.

Hoffmeier, Israel in Egypt. Harris and Robert L. Maxwell Miller and John H. Therefore, the patriarchal stories of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are largely if not entirely based on tribal myth. If the characters are at all loosely based on any real people they are so far removed from historical reality it makes no difference.

From what we now know the ancient Israelites largely originated in the land of Canaan with possible outsiders joining them who later became known as the tribe of Levi. The foundational text of Mormonism, the Book of Mormon, is dependent on these biblical stories being literal. Mormon theology, such as the Gathering of Israel, was from the beginning based on the assumption of these stories being literal. With such foundational stories based on myth, concerns like Book of Mormon historicity, disparate accounts of the First Vision, LDS Temple Ceremony similarities with anachronistic Freemasonry, Book of Abraham as something other than an actual language translation from the Papyri, etc.

These foundational stories regarding Jewish origin myths have large implications for Judaism and the two largest religious traditions that grew out of it: Christianity and Islam. Even independent Mormon apologists have rarely addressed these much larger foundational problems and left that burden with non-Mormon Christian apologists. Kugel, and David Friedman who are all Jewish and still identify as such despite being fully aware and acknowledging the problems with the foundational stories of their religious heritage. While Mormons are not exactly considered an ethnic group like Jews often are they can still choose to be faithful for reasons of heritage.

View all posts by anthonydmiller. I appreciate the content of your presentation, very well researched. Could I make one suggestion? Please rehearse your presentations a few times before giving them in a professional setting? This audio is hard to listen to, with all the constant stumbling over words, sometimes relatively easy words. Like Like. I attended it in person, and my experience was positive with it.

I was grateful that he allowed me to include it here on my blog as a guest post. Thank you for compiling this information! Really great content and the implications are massive for the church and Christianity generally. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. Home About Contact. And lastly, what are the options for the Mormon faithful in light of the historical reality? The literal gathering of Israel remains a central tenet of Mormonism. The Gradual Emergence Model is the current consensus among archaeologists.

If the ancient Israelites originated in the land of Canaan what about the Exodus from Egypt? Perhaps Thomas L. If there was no Abraham, there was no Abrahamic covenant. If there was no Jacob then there were no twelve sons of Israel. If there were never any literal Tribes of Israel then there is no need to literally gather them. Obviously, Joseph Smith was no such literal lineal descendent.

Mormonism and its historical problems are small fish in a much larger bowl. However, these larger issues do not seem to have been addressed at all. The LDS tradition cannot ignore these issues forever. So, what are the LDS faithful to do with these issues? Like many they can abandon belief altogether, but I believe there are alternatives. There are many devout Jews that continue to practice and perhaps even believe to some extent.

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