Manual The Art of Divine Meditation

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To respond rather than react. Also, if we loose our footing and fall back into time, it will be easier and quicker for us to regain our presence in the eternal once we become aware that we have fallen out of it. Another important point with meditation is that we need to remain non-attached to the outcome of it.

The Art of Meditation

We have set our intention to meditate in order to have a closer touch with God and eternity, However it is important that we do not judge or deem our practice. Sometimes as we meditate we are able to maintain i high level of presence. Other time we may go off into fantasy-land the minute we sit down. And we only wake up for brief moments during the entire session.

As with all spiritual practices, the art of meditating should not be performed in order to get something, or to get somewhere.

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We are not here to make or force anything to happen. But we are here simply to allow something to happen in and through us. We sit and meditate knowing that we are exactly where we are supposed to be and that all that happens is working together for our good. In A Course of Miracles it is stated something like: Infinite patience leads to immediate result. As we meditate we need to see it as a practice.

It is a learning process in which we, continuously move from one level of practice to another. Through being regular and consistent maintaining our high intentions. As with all spiritual practice it is essential that we make the practice of meditation an every day practice. If we seriously desire to become conscious participants of our own unfoldment, then we need to become serious about our spiritual practices, let alone meditation. We need to make it a habit to meditate every day in some form or shape.

Instructions for the Art of Divine Meditation

Even if it is just for a few minutes. We are all vibrational beings. As such all our thoughts feelings and actions carry energetic vibrations. All our choices send a vibrational message to the Universe which then correspond to those vibrations guiding and assisting us accordingly.

By sending the message that we truly desire to take conscious part in the evolution of our soul — God will respond to that and assist us with every means available. This is how we grow and unfold.

Meditation - the art of being anchored in the Divine nowness of the moment

There are so many benefits from meditation. So much to be grateful for. It is a blessed practice. The practice of non action — which is really the basis of all action. Giving thanks for the meditation practice is a good way to both start and end each session. Search for:. Meditation — the art of presence. We can be said to be meditating whenever we are fully anchored in the Holy Now — in the eternal The Art of Meditation The art of meditation is one of the most profound spiritual practices or techniques we can engage in.

The practice of meditation Now there are different forms of meditation and infinite ways to practice meditation that we will not go into here. God is forever communicating with us God is constantly speaking to us. Repetition is they key to growth and unfolding Repetition is the key to growth and unfolding. Remain non-attached to the outcome of your meditation practice Another important point with meditation is that we need to remain non-attached to the outcome of it.

Meditation is a practice — we need to engage in it on a consistent and regular basis As we meditate we need to see it as a practice.

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