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Look Inside. Oct 22, ISBN After a devastating plague ends World War I, Europe is suddenly flooded with vampires. This omnibus collects original Baltimore hardcover volumes , with supplemental sketchbook material and an all-new cover by Mike Mignola! Hardcover —. Add to Cart. Also by Mike Mignola , Christopher Golden. See all books by Mike Mignola , Christopher Golden. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Rusty Brown.

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Though he is affiliated with the Light, he aids all who pass in his smithy. It is suggested that he might be the legendary Saxon smith, Weyland , the Saxon equivalent of the legendary elf smith Volund. Greenwitch is the story of the recovery of the stolen Grail. The Book of Gramarye : The ancient Book of the Old Ones , it is an Old One's rite of passage , while also teaching everything about their powers, and through it, they experience the magical spells.

Gramarye , or grimoire, from the Old French word grammaire and the Old English word grammar , initially referred to all books, most written in Latin, which almost no one could read, and perceived by the masses as "magical". The Book of Gramarye is protected by an enchanted device of a pendulum in a longcase clock , that if touched, will detonate and destroy any human that attempts to gain access to the book.

This powerful book is further protected in that it is written in the Old Speech, which only an Old One can read and understand. It is blasted out of existence by Merriman after Will has read it. The Doors : A set of carved oak doors that lead through Time. Old Ones can summon these doors to appear at will to transport themselves through time and space. The doors disappear when the Old Ones pass through them, accompanied by the haunting bell chime music of the Light.

Their origin is not explained in the books. Midsummer's Tree : In Chiltern , England, The Tree produces a silver flower, which blooms once every years, and is the final challenge for the Six of the Light. The person who obtains the silver flower gains control of the High Magic, to put out of Time the Dark or the Light forever.

Bran Davies, the Pendragon and heir of King Arthur, wields the Crystal Sword to cut the fully blossomed silver flower on the Midsummer 's Tree, which is caught by Merriman, making the Light victorious. Old Magic : A powerful elemental magic, of which the Light and the Dark are the two opposite extremes.

Wild Magic : The magic of nature, first used in The Dark Is Rising to provide strength to the forces of the Light in the book's final battle.

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In Greenwitch , we learn that the Wild Magic is equal in strength to both the Dark and the Light, but that it stands apart and is unaffected by either. High Magic : The most powerful magic, being of the Cosmos. A spell of this type is used by the Old Ones in Greenwitch to be able to communicate with Tethys, the Queen of the Sea, and plead for her help in obtaining the scroll that will help translate the writing on the Grail.

Old Speech : This is the spoken form of the ancient language of the Old Ones. When an Old One comes to power, this language is used instinctively by the Old One when speaking to members of the Light or the Dark. Will Stanton begins to do this without even realizing it. When an Old One speaks the Old Speech in front of a normal human, it will sound like gibberish.

Some agents of the Dark, such as the Rider, can also speak Old Speech, but with a distinctive accent which gives them away to the Old Ones. Small rhyming prophecies serve to guide the protagonists throughout the series. The characters in this book, which was published several years before the others, are younger than those in the rest of the series, and the issues are presented as less cosmic. Overall the book is aimed at younger readers more than the other four books in the series. In this tale, Susan Cooper introduces the audience to Merriman, a pivotal character for the forces of the Light and also ties him with Simon, Jane and Barney Drew, three young mortal children, in a quest by the sea which will lead them over sea and under stone to find a grail of legend to help the Light in its struggle against the Dark.

In this second book, Will Stanton begins to have strange experiences on his 11th [b] birthday, just before Christmas. He soon learns he is one of the Old Ones, a guardian and warrior for the Light. He learns that he must help find the four Things of Power for the Light in order to battle the forces of the Dark.

This book is the key book for the main character, Will Stanton. It is in this book that he collects the six signs which become the Circle of Signs, one of the Things of Power, by finding the additional five mandalas he has been given one earlier and uses the completed Circle to ward off the forces of the Dark. The book features elements of English folklore that are especially associated with the Thames Valley , with Herne the Hunter making an appearance. Based on a online poll, the U. This story returns to the characters introduced in Over Sea, Under Stone , uniting them with Will Stanton, and involves a quest for magic from beneath the sea.

Jane Drew witnesses the creation of a ritualistic offering known as the 'Greenwitch', and senses both great power and great sadness in it. She wishes that the Greenwitch could be happy, and that wish has important consequences later when it turns out that the Greenwitch possesses something that will unlock the secrets of the Grail. Karen Patricia Smith has written, " Greenwitch , the third book in the series, is quite different in mood from the earlier books. In this dreamlike novel set in Cornwall, magic often occurs during the hours of darkness and yet readers are not left with the feeling that experiences have been merely imagined.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Celestial Omnibus And Other Stories, by E.M. Forster.

The Greenwitch, a figure created by village women, comes into possession of a great secret coveted by the powers of Light and Dark. Young Jane's innocence moves the creature to release the secret. Jane is an interesting figure because at first she appears to be a rather flat character who reacts according to convention.

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Yet as the story progresses, we learn that even those who are skilled and knowledgeable in fighting the powers of the Dark are powerless in this instance. Ironically it is Jane who is successful, not through dramatic means, but rather through communicating her compassion for the Greenwitch. In this book, Will is sent to Wales to recuperate after an illness. Here he meets Bran, the Pendragon , son of King Arthur, and befriends him.

He must also awaken the Sleepers to fight the Dark. The Grey King was awarded the Newbery Medal. Welsh folklore figures strongly in the book. All of the main characters from the other books in the sequence come together in this book, some meeting for the first time, and the current struggle between the Light and the Dark is resolved. After the Light wins the battle, Bran is offered a chance to rejoin his father, but chooses to give up his immortality to stay with his friends and his mortal adoptive father.

All immortal characters except Will Stanton leave the Earth forever. All the mortal characters lose all memory of any dealings with magic and the Old Ones, though the Drews and Bran have snatches of something come back to them in dreams. One reviewer for The Junior Bookshelf offered a mixed review: "One of the difficulties lies in accepting that apparently very ordinary children have a special destiny.

This is the major obstacle to the acceptance of Narnia.

The Last of His Kind (Omnibus Edition)

Four at least of the Six who have the duty of holding back the Dark do not seem up to the task. Time switches too, although handled skilfully enough, are not always easy to swallow. Where Miss Cooper excels is in the management of setting The writer captures the smell of the countryside Miss Cooper shows how fine her observation is and her ability to convey its tingling reality. Perhaps, now that the Dark has been put finally to flight, she will pursue this aspect of her art.

Fantasy scholar Carole Scott remarks how, in one chapter of this novel, "the power of evil is presented in modern dress through a bigoted Englishman's outburst of racial prejudice directed against an immigrant of color. Nearly all the locations mentioned in the books are based on real places. Over Sea, Under Stone and Greenwitch are set in Trewissick, which is based on a village in southern Cornwall called Mevagissey which Susan Cooper used to visit as a child. The Welsh setting in The Grey King and Silver on the Tree is the area around Aberdyfi , the village where Cooper's grandmother was born and where her parents lived.

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John Clute wrote in The Encyclopedia of Fantasy , "The overall tale evolves — not without occasional narrative confusion when time paradoxes and puzzles must be confronted — towards a guardedly affirmative climax in which it seems that the various young protagonists plus Bran Davies King Arthur's son may succeed in staving off entropy and totalitarianism. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Tall, hairless humanoids from the Duro system, Duros were one of the first species to become a major influence in the Galactic Republic, and many respected scholars credited the Duros with creating the first hyperdrive.

The Duros have a natural affinity for space travel, possessing an innate grasp of the mathematical underpinnings of astrogational computations. Many tales are swapped in cantinas about Duros astrogators calculating the coordinates or supposedly impossible jumps in their heads. Although not as numerous as Humans, the Duros almost as omnipresent; all but the smallest settlements in known space feature Duros populations.

The Duros species has existed on other worlds in isolation from the rest of their kind, evolving in slight different directions from the baseline species. The most populous and well-known near-Duros species are the Neimoidians, a people rarely encountered during the Rebellion era. This was done for one or more reasons including but not limited to: To remove unnecessary redundancy, repetitiveness, or outright errors.