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From there they have taken control of the trade routes along the northern Moonsea. A young noble has been captured for refusing to pay their tariffs and his house looks to hire adventurers to rescue him. Nov 03, The adventurers are tasked with rescuing a group of heroes who vanished in the pearlescent fortress that manifested on the border between the Kroth Magg kingdom and the Varkonin empire in the Steppes of Thar. A behir has been hired to destroy the herds of aurochs necessary to feed the hobgoblin city of Glip Dak. Patrols and scouts continue to go missing, forcing the hobgoblins to hire mercenaries to track this behir as they recall their troops to the capital to maintain order as food riots break out.

Sep 24, The elves beseech the adventurers to root out the source of the corruption before they, and the forest, fall to its rot. The Corruption mutates anything living in the Quivering forest, changing the flora and fauna into dark corrupted echoes of what they were in life. High above the Quivering Forest hovers Athal'deras, an earth mote that is home to a tribe of aarakocra.

But a shadow has fallen over the floating rock, and the bird people have succumbed to the darkness, which they now strive to spread upon the winds. Oct 12, Ragvala, also known as the "Coinmaker," is an ancient gold dragon who wishes to mend his broken friendship with his old adventuring buddy. Unable to change shape anymore, the dragon needs the help of skilled adventurers who can join him on his quest. Nov 25, A mysterious resident has taken over an abandoned castle along a perilous trade route. Now, strange happenings have the traders spooked and there is concern about the economic fallout.

Adventurers are dispatched to make a deal with the paranoid and potentially unstable occupant. In an effort to secure a surface trade route, adventurers find themselves embroiled in the revenge schemes of a powerful drow exile. The chance to learn about the state of the Underdark and the fates of many innocents taken in surface raids is too valuable to pass up. Yet the risk is clear, for what lies ahead is nothing short of an all-out assault on a drow manor. This is the third adventure of the Swords Below the Moonsea saga.

Apr 08, The mind flayer is suspected to be Klondrus Imdree which has been presumed dead for quite sometime but is he? The call has come out for heroes to investigate and see what can be learned by his appearance. Mar 05, A hunt for a mad illithid has brought startling and dire news to the Emerald Enclave and the Harpers.

The call has gone out for heroes to follow on the trail of Klondros Imdree as he seeks a book of terrible power, and to stop him once and for all. Heroes are called on to go after the mad mindflayer and to stop him at all costs. This listing will be updated with a link when Joel publishes his module. While players do not need to play through Illithid Activity, I of course recommend picking that module up for your Tier 2 players!

Nov 20, Cargo ships are being dashed against the rocks west of Hulburg, lured off course by a mysterious light. Is this the work of ordinary thieves, or are more nefarious forces at work? Accused of impersonation and kidnapping, a pair of old sisters have found refuge in Abermoor. In their wake, they have left a trail of blood, and are pursued by a bounty hunter. Hired for their expertise, the adventurers have joined the pursuit. Torrential rains and blustering winds drive the party into a cursed hamlet, resting in the eye of the storm.

A mesmerizing void, mutated creatures, and the very ground could swallow the party, forever trapping them—unless they can escape. This adventure can easily be run as theater-of-the-mind, although a map and 7 illustrations are provided for those who work best with visuals. Dec 17, A haven and home for the displaced and orphaned of the Moonsea.

However, strange events threaten to close the school. Can you find the cause, and aid the school? Nov 26, Festival bells cut loud through the air! Adventurers are gathering to celebrate the Wild Monster Capture Festival. Tame wild monsters, team up with them in honorable combat, and you could win not only gold, but fame and renown! The spirit of the festival is about to get disrupted, however, and you must prepare for trouble….

A persistent ghost has been spotted in Phlan, flitting from building to building. The residents say that it stands in front of the Laughing Goblin every night, eyes wide and full of terror. If approached, it screams and disappears. It sports some familiar faces, some new faces, and plenty of opportunity for characters to roleplay their way to crazy greatness — in fact, the adventure is deeply rooted in another piece of pop culture that should become apparent as the adventure unfolds!

Aug 13, As winter releases its grip on the region surrounding the town of Phlan, secrets are revealed within Glumpen Swamp. Strange landscapes and sigils have been found beneath the mud, and the wildlife around the swamp has become greatly agitated. At times a spectral figure can be seen in the distance, only to disappear upon approach. Can you discover what is happening in the muck and gloom?

He seeks adventurers to resolve issues at one of his farms, in his iron mine, and at his beloved inn. Can the party help Geoffrey and prevent him from losing his seat on the Merchant Council of Hulburg? Lord Geoffrey of the Smiths has learned that a former comrade and fellow adventurer has taken his family heirloom and believes that this is the reason for his recent string of misfortune. He seeks adventurers to track down the Winged Panther and recover what was lost in order to break his supposed curse.

Can the party track down this elusive thief and convince her return that which was taken? Jun 18, In exchange for the information, she asks you to find a painting called Dawnsight. An easy task if you can withstand the haunted memories surrounding the painting. Oct 28, The Mordell family has been on the decline for years. The family has reached out to their contacts one last time for help ridding the family of a generational curse. This is an adventure with four story arcs through a single dungeon and can be completed with or without combat as needed. Jul 03, With the liberation of Phlan, refugees from the city have been invited back to start their lives anew.

But trouble strikes when one family of refugees goes missing while on the road to Phlan. The new Chancellor seeks answers. Will the adventurers find out what happened to the missing refugees or will they be lost forever? Jul 05, Can the characters save some of the travelers and uncover the mastermind of this evil operation? Only a delve into the Underdark will tell. The characters reach the lair of an elder brain and must make their way through its minions to recover the refugees. May be able to get most the refugees out without facing the elder brain. But leaving the menace alive may have consequences too dire to ignore.

Sep 09, Faction agents have braved the Glacier of the White Worm and arrived at the Monastery of the Yellow Rose, only to be denied entry. It's up to you and your companions to secure their entry, but it's sure to be a wild ride. Oct 09, The secluded settlement of Sunboughs has enjoyed prosperity within the Moonsea for centuries.

A trade agreement is threatened when a fierce enemy strikes, seeking to destroy the elves and thwart their time-honored agreement! Who will come to their aid? A four-hour adventure for first through fourth level characters. The Blades are forced to intervene, withholding a coveted cargo from The Zors. The Hawks have a risky proposition for adventurers that will send them above, through and below the streets of The City of Danger.

Can they fulfill their charge with the ire of a city upon them? Oct 11, The dawn of the final day arrives: The Red War looms on the horizon, and nothing can stop what is to come. But in those early hours before carnage begins, a group of adventurers are tasked with a covert operation to remove sensitive information left behind by the factions and sow subterfuge.

Will internal and external influences keep them from completing their missions? Feb 05, Festivals galore line the streets, parks, and courtyards of Thentia. It is the Feast of the Moon, and all are gathered to remember loved ones and friends that have departed this world, and to pay homage to their ancestors. At a celebration in the Brambles, followers of Kelemvor host a stage where revelers tell tales of heroic deeds of their lineage. When one tall tale gets out of hand, the city itself may pay the price.

Dec 01, Once an ennead, the Earthspur Mines are home to a competition between many dwarves. Each clan sends its best and brightest crafter to compete in a test of endurance and skill. While a time of celebrating and companionship between clans, it is also a time of treachery and deceit, as each tries to sabotage the others.

Unfortunately for Riswynn Rumnaheim, her clan has nearly died out, and is unable to watch her back, nor can she trust her closest friends at this fraught time. As the Zhentarim slowly reoccupy the Citadel of the Raven, they continue to explore the tunnels under the mountain one level at a time. Three tendays ago, a new section of the tunnels broke open, and the first group exploring did not come out. Neither did the second. Nor the third. Unwilling to risk their necks any further, the Zhentarim turn to the other factions for aid in figuring out what threat lies beneath the mountain.

Rastol Shan has summoned you to the Tower of Arcane Might and told you to be discrete. The last time the chief of the Cloaks said that, there was a coup in Mulmaster. This time, something has been stolen that he wants retrieved without the Thayans being alerted. Jun 26, Left in webs and reeking of rot, bodies dot the streets and alleys of the Zhentarim Ghetto, and no one does a thing.

Especially the Cloaks and the City Watch. Which is probably why a Zor and Cloak representative has invited you to breakfast. A young Mulmaster nobleman attempts to revive the Cult of Eternal Flame by seeking out the patronage of a powerful being. His relatives have hired you to stop his plans and bring him home, even if you must chase him across the planes and over the Sea of Fire to do so. This adventure contains dangerous planar exploration, social intrigue with otherworldly beings, an intricate puzzle in a lava-filled room with multiple versions for repeat players , and combat encounters in unique environments that provide the DM with optional tools to challenge even the most capable of parties.

Mulmaster is slowly being rebuilt following the devastation of the Elemental Cults, but that reconstruction is not without its problems. Feb 02, Bounty hunting around the Moonsea is a cut-throat business and tracking down the mark is easier than snagging it first. Pick the target, make your plans and watch out for the competition! Jun 17, The Gommurg Clan rarely deal with outsiders. These hill dwarves have isolated themselves for centuries to work on their craft and guard an ancient and sinister structure. Unfortunately, the world around them does not rest easy. An exile of the clan has inadvertently brought terrible woes to his ancestral home, and now he frantically seeks help to save his people.

The village near Oreclasp Keep has been reporting brutal owlbear attacks that have left people missing or dismembered. Lord Oreclasp has placed a bounty for every owlbear beak brought to Oreclasp Keep. May 25, A chance encounter on an unassuming road leads to a dangerous and lucrative opportunity.

But what seems simple on the surface turns out to be much more below. Thrust into a world where every enemy has an enemy and everyone has their own dark motive, the only chance to survive is to ally with the right foe. Six Summoned Swords is a stand-alone adventure that begins on the side of the road leading to Phlan and can be easily accessed by any adventurers traveling through the Moonsea region. Oct 18, An earthquake has felled the windmill of Winton into a sinkhole. Were that not bad enough, humanoids have been seen skulking around its ruins at night, and an odd ruby glow can be seen from within.

Can you discover the secret under Winton? Apr 29, Sep 11, The factions have heard murmurings of a new cult rising from the ashes of the obsessed dragon and elemental evil factions that they have dealt with in the past. This time, though, they seem to have an even more apocalyptic goal.

A deep gnome informant claims the cult is dabbling with dangerous magic, but he, too, may have his own agenda. This adventure is intended as a sequel to Princes of the Apocalypse, but characters need not have participated in that adventure to play this one. Rumors abound that the travelling faire known as Doctor Jubal's Carnival of Curiosities have somehow acquired an actual, live tarrasque that they are displaying as part of their travelling show.

Universal releases new video of ‘Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure’

An ancient eladrin who claims to be part of a secret order dedicated to protecting society from the creature is honor-bound to investigate the matter and wants the party to track down the travelling faire and see what they can discover. A young girl offers to hire the party to retrieve a family heirloom stolen from her by an evil archmage.

The first catch: the archmage is a Red Wizard of Thay. Join her on a surreal, madcap journey through a dangerous warzone to recover the ashes of the gnome responsible for this conflict. You will love this four-hour adventure for 5thth level characters, set in Mulmaster during the Red War. Sep 18, While attending the first annual Reclamation Day Festival in Phlan, a mysterious book is given to the adventurers, leading them to what appears to be an abandoned print shop west of the city.

There they meet a would-be benefactor, who seeks their help in ridding the southern ruins of Zhentil Keep of a growing threat, the Ebon Tide, a group of mercenaries and bandits that are quickly becoming the scourge of the Moonsea. A dark force is rising from the ruins of Zhentil Keep. The Zhentarim themselves are on the move to stop it from spreading, and you have been pulled into the struggle. Will you find the objects of power that your adversary searches for before it is too late? The necromancer has been revealed, and his tower of black rock now dominates the ruins of Zhentil Keep.

You must race against his machinations, or a cloud of undeath will overwhelm the Moonsea and beyond. A 4-hour adventure for 11thth level characters. It was supposed to be an easy task, but it ended in disaster. The band's leader remains trapped in goblin territory with their chieftan as his prisoner. Lord Hulmaster now needs skilled adventurers to retrieve the mercenary and his captive before it's too late. Eyes of Blood is a four-hour, Tier 1 adventure.

Written as an adventure suitable for new characters, it features quick combat, good role-playing options, and capped with a moral quandry. Jun 09, As the City of Danger struggles to rebuild, a spate of unexplained disappearances in the Zhent Ghettos threatens to erupt into fresh chaos. The factions are hard pressed to investigate, and it falls upon you to uncover the truth behind this new menace.

Nov 14, Reports are coming out of the conclusion of the death curse and the defeat of the lich Acererak. Adventurers are no longer afraid to go out into the night in search of Fame and fortune. A wily antiquarian has gleaned the location of an item of particular value And unsurpassed rarity. The problem is, she is certain she isn't the first…or the last to learn of it. A races for riches and renown, who will be the ones to get there first and claim their prize? Nov 19, Trouble is afoot in the mysterious Quivering Forest.

An Archdruid finds herself unable to control the magic of a particularly powerful tree. Clever adventurers will be needed to discover the nature of these fluctuating powers and keep them at bay. The SALT Consortium has been busy rebuilding the small town of Hawksroost and the increase in riches has caught the eye of many within the city of Mulmaster. While many are excited at the prospect of a partnership, Oriel Phoenixfeather is skeptical of any alliance. Within lies tricks and traps all from the mind of the brilliant?

Or the insane? One never truly knows when it comes to wizards, but one thing is for certain; the rooms within will throw you for a loop! Prepare to deal with magical trickery and arcane mayhem as you embark to explore the Tower in the Valley. Apr 25, They are unsure if faction infighting or monsters got the best of their expedition team as they followed a map to locate a supposed lost tomb. After the first expedition to locate an ancient tomb was prematurely ended by monsters, the Search and Locate Treasure Consortium is doubling down.

Camp established, they are looking for adventurers to make their dreams come true, but the leader of the Consortium is hiding something. Will the characters be able to avoid the Man Slayer tribe that destroyed the first expedition, help Larazmu settle his internal struggles, and locate the tomb that they have been searching for without getting into Moor Trouble?

Beneath the moorlands of Thar, hidden from all for centuries, lies the Broken Halls of Goldahroud. It seems to have been inhabited until recently as the blood marks on the walls are only a few weeks old. What mysteries lie beyond the doorway from the Tomb of Kered? Fear of the markings have forced the SALT Consortium to turn again to hiring adventurers to face what horrors await them in the Broken Halls of Goldahroud. Oriel Phoenixfeather, the old halfling shopkeep from Hawksroost, has gone missing. Her granddaughter and the leaders of the SALT Consortium have sent out a call for adventurers to investigate the disappearance.

A danger brewing to the north of Hawksroost, however, may make this search-and-rescue more dangerous than the party had initially planned. A Four-Hour Adventure for 5th- 10th level characters. Mar 19, The mining town of Glister has had a prosperous year, and people have been coming in search of work and wealth. A call has gone out for help in some local matters, but getting there is no easy task. Catch the caravan and travel through treacherous Thar! May 15, The mining town of Glister has a problem. The latest caravan only arrived with a part of its supplies. Orcs waylaid them, took much needed goods, and are now making demands that the town return an artifact that is theirs, but the town is unfamiliar with.

See a Problem?

Help track down information about this artifact and possibly defend the city from an orc invasion! Mar 18, The mining town of Glister is under siege. Unprepared and short of supplies, the siege threatens to starve out the town. The mine has provided the only path that may provide some help; a collapsed tunnel has revealed an unknown cave that runs deep into the mountain. Part 3 of Kossuth's Kiss. Mar 02, In the midst of a ferocious storm, a band of mercenaries raids a lighthouse. Included with the purchase is the Fantasy Grounds conversion, full scale printable battle maps, and custom item and story award certificates.

The alliance between Thay and Mulmaster is stronger than ever, and this does not sit well with some of the neighboring countries; in fact, it appears that one of them is attacking caravans leaving Mulmaster and heading towards Thay. You have been asked by the Cloaks to investigate the attacks, discover who is behind them, and stop them if you can.

Aug 21, You have been hired by the Brotherhood of the Cloaks to journey into the heart of desolate Thar. But something went wrong, and an undead army poured out of the burial site and laid siege to Fangjaws Hold. You have been hired by the Brotherhood of the Cloaks to help deal with the undead threat. Jan 26, What links an infamous Zhentarim mercenary with a brilliant but tormented artificer? To find out, the adventurers must break the goblinoid siege of the village of Westfir.

After the bizarre goblins are defeated, the Cornflower Hive must be destroyed. Ultimately, what secrets are held in the grain mill by the Westfork river? A Mulmaster refugee named Ani Kuleimatt discovered references to a forgotten mine near the Moonsea, a mine rumored to produce an unexpected export. The adventurers are hired to locate the complex and secure its resources for the Mulmaster Diaspora.

Jun 28, The fey hold sway over the forests of Cormanthor. Their presence has kept the goblinoids disorganized and warring amongst themselves. Now, a deadly enemy of the woods has laid claim to a Feywild glade. This foe is slaughtering the forest defenders and rallying goblinoid tribes in the name of vengeance. Can you stop them in time? Feb 21, A svirfneblin clan elder and arcanist of Lumindearth has gone missing.

In the sewers beneath the ruined streets of Mulmaster, a murdered corpse has been found: the nephew of a prominent noble. However, the adventurers must first prove themselves by finding something the Master Thief lost. A popular noble just outside the city of Hillsfar is in trouble. He has been poisoned and his niece has been kidnapped by a group of outlaw druids who call themselves, the Blackleaf Clan.

Adventurers are sought to go on a quest to find a mysterious woodland sage through a hidden cavern that hides a temple that has been concealed for countless years. Due to limited options, First Lord Vuhm Yestral accepted an offer for aid from the Red Wizards of Thay, who now work to rebuild the city. A Senate has been elected to ensure fair rule in Hillsfar, and a new Guard Captain has also been selected to replace the traitor, Jandra Gragdowel. Adventurers receive a job offer from the new Guard Captain. What could he need? Sep 30, Their new ambassador to Hillsfar is a specialist in good magic, so the PCs are recruited to assist her in acquiring good sources of power for her spells.

What could go wrong? The town of Ylraphon on the border of the Flooded Forest has been targeted by the yuan-ti. One of them has uncovered an ancient ritual to change the people of the area called the Old City into their servants. Can the adventurers stop the yuan-ti in time? The whole of the Moonsea may be at risk if they fail. The yuan-ti have a demented scheme to bring the most vulnerable denizens of the small town of Ylraphon under their sway. It has been revealed that he hides in a ruined temple in the Flooded Forest. Jasmine Vernon. That which must remain lost has been discovered.

A 4-hour adventure for 5thth level characters set in Mulmaster during the events of the Red War. Apr 30, Zhentarim traders. Shadowy figures roaming the fields near Hillsfar. How do these all relate? Everything traces back to the recently unearthed grave-barrows. Rescuing a caravan from undead attackers, the adventurers learn of an ancient danger. Apr 03, Bloodpurge, a bayou village in the Flooded Forest, has come under siege by malevolent powers. Many hunters in this shanty-town have gone missing.

Desperate folk murmur rumors of evil lurking in the willow groves. Barbarian Raids have been disrupting life in the farms outside the mining town of Glister. Raids by the forces of the Raven Lord Attatarxes have taken their toll on the villages near Glister. Having finally gained an upper hand in repelling a raid, Thrusk Tharmuil seeks aid in taking the fight to the Raven Lord. Great walls now cut off the Harbor District from the rest of Thentia where the Watchlord promises the ill are being taken care of, but how do they really live? Jul 10, The food shortages in Thentia have gotten worse.

THe crops aren't producing as much, and with the Harvest Festival approaching, the government of Thentia is seeking people to investigate the farmlands to find the cause. Popular belief says that there are monstrous beings rampaging the farms, but other powers are afoot…. Jul 04, Storms batter Thentia and the rains are threatening to wash away what little farm land is available. But these are not the only storms to threaten the peace as various powers wage a quiet struggle around the city.

Are you brave enough to become an Agent of the Fates? Jul 07, In the midst of this a priest of Ilmater has been accused of a heinous crime. But is this really the truth of the matter, or are we all just Agents of Fate? The normally joyous festival of Highharvestide fast approaches the Moonsea but denizens of Thentia are not celebrating.

Thanks to recent bad harvests along the River Thent and an increasingly impassible harbor, famine looms. Survival may depend on the arrival of every single larder-laden wagon. Could more trouble than bandits stand between the farmers and the walls of Thentia this season? The Council of Mages has recently sent a young apprentice out to investigate the strange disturbances that have beset Thentia. It has been several weeks and he has not yet reported back.

Is he simply late or is there something more sinister afoot? Love, loss, and lies intertwine as the election of a new WatchLord approaches in Thentia. Political intrigue runs rampant and the lives of several young women are in danger as the Fates draw you in once again. Sep 07, Election time in Thentia is here! With the recent, strange events surrounding Thentia, there is a tense contest for the seat of Watchlord of Thentia. The town has divided itself into factions supporting their candidates, and with that, the people ahve been very hostile to each other. On election day, certain key figureheads in the town need to vote, but might need some help getting there….

Is this a simple rescue mission, or is there more at stake? Nov 29, On the urgent request of the factions, a covert raid party must be sent in to secure as much knowledge as possible, and destroy whatever schemes lie below. Apr 13, The Northern Moonsea region has recently been plagued by a mysterious pirate ship, which is seemingly able to appear without warning and then simply vanish.

Instilling fear, and beginning to impact trade, those with vested interests in the area need this thorn removed from their sides. First, however, they must first discover where the mysterious ship calls home. Through coercion of their best fence, its current port and owners have been located.

Now is the chance to strike out, and possibly acquire both the boat and its captains: The Teshwave Siblings. Sep 05, A sleepy little mining town in the Dragonspine Mountains has enjoyed the peace and quiet of their simple lives for decades. But despite his best intentions, the arrival of a scholar seeking ancient treasures has disrupted this community. A travelling band of adventurers is just what is needed to set things right. Dec 28, A beholder tyrant ship crashed into the Dragonspine Mountains many years ago. Three beholders survived and found a home in Mulmaster.

A recent archaeological dig may have discovered the crash site. Do you have what it takes to help the Corps? Jun 29, A bizarre sea monster has been spotted near Hillsfar. Strange voices visit people in their dreams. Stevens, The Role Initiative. Our heroes are asked to investigate the old hive and determine the cause of the seismic activity, but another pressing matter is revealed to them, too. Sep 17, A new trend is sweeping through the upper crust of Hillsfar nobility. Private menageries—the more exotic the better—have begun popping up in mansions and gardens around the city.

However, recent reports of dangerous monsters escaping captivity and attacking citizens have the Red Plumes concerned. Where are these monsters coming from, how are they being procured, and what threat might this pose? This menace is still in its infancy, and must be taken care of before it poses a threat to the area-at-large.

Your flumph friend must come with you to sniff out the signs, so keep it safe! Every years, the famous Eastern Moonsea Adventuring Convention takes place in the woods south of Elmwood. New adventurers often find themselves drawn to this event, in search of fame, fortune, and most importantly, swag. Mischief and intrigue, however, are afoot and new adventurers must answer the call. Recently, two moss-covered skeletons walked out of the Moonsea and attacked the village.

The villagers were able to defend themselves, but they fear something worse may be coming as a thick and ominous fog slowly rolls in from the Moonsea. This is a Tier 1 APL 3 Adventurers League legal adventure set in a small fishing village just south of Hulburg, and along the northern coast of the Moonsea. Periwinkle, Thistle, and Marigold join Firefly, as she embarks on a hazardous journey through the Forgotten Forest to seek out the Black Stag and magical blue moon clover. The quest includes a visit to a dwarf and his squit, and the discovery of how blue moon clover is grown and found.

Under a Spell of Diminishment, and guarded by two evil ogres, she will soon fade out of all existence. Without the Spirit of Simplicity, the world will be left in total chaos. As part of her special fairy gift, Spiderwort is clever at solving puzzles. Accompanied by a magic scarecrow, Spiderwort and her friends must pass through a series of puzzling obstacles to find the troubled spirit.

Then the fairies have to participate in three important events, including a scavenger hunt, to help break the spell and free the princess. For this task, Mother Nature has chosen a team of magical creatures including a dwarf, a wood gnome, two brownies, a troll, four fairies, and a leprechaun. Periwinkle must lead the group through a series of obstacles in the Cave of Courage to effectively complete the recharging, and to determine who of the group will win the ultimate prize - any wish to be granted by Mother Nature.

She discovers the three reasons why human beings have a shadow. With the help of a Gryphon, Cinnabar and her friends battle an evil Chimera and the Demon of Light to help King Penumbra and Queen Silhouette, the rulers of Shadowland, solve this terrible problem. The fairies must help the Spirit of Knowledge regain the services of his librarian, a nymph, who was lured away by the Spirit of Ignorance. While leading this mission, Mimosa struggles with the most difficult decision of her life, one that may eventually lead to the ultimate sacrifice - the loss of her fairy spirit.

The world of magical creatures is in turmoil because of these extraordinary actions. Cast out by their own kind, the gargoyle, gremlin, and dwarf seek help from the fairies who are notorious for fixing problems. Primrose must solve the mystery of what has caused the unusual behavior, and seek out a stranger with a Magic Snowglobe, to try to set things to right. Luna and her friends must embark on a rescue mission that leads them into the Well of Secrets, which is the doorway to Eventide, the Land of Darkness.

In an attempt to free the captives, the fairies uncover the secrets of a magic mirror and a grand piano. They also encounter a Light Witch who has trapped a Dark Witch inside the mirror. With the help of an elf owl and a sphilox an elf fairy of light , Luna battles an evil agent of the Demon of Darkness to free the fairies and escape from Eventide. Unfortunately, the development of her wisdom has yet to catch up with her immense cache of knowledge.

GeoCaching Series – Hidden Creatures – Turtle Race

In her constant quest to obtain ever more knowledge, Dewberry uncovers the Legend of Paragon, an ancient ruler, and his three marshals - Exemplar, Criterion, and Apotheosis. Dewberry enlists the aid of her friends, Primrose and Snapdragon, in seeking the Lost Chest of Paragon, rumored to contain a great gift of ancient and powerful knowledge for mankind.

When the chest is found, catastrophic consequences occur that no one could have predicted. Fairy magic is nowhere near strong enough to fix the problem caused by the impulsive actions of the knowledge-hungry Dewberry. It appears Mother Nature herself is the only one who can sort out the matter.

Forty years ago, a bitter wizard cursed them. Rose is trapped in a magic painting with only a bear cub for company. Henry is trapped in a book with only an aardvark and a crow as companions. Neither can leave their prisons, or speak a single word, or the other will die. Moonflower must lead the mission that involves finding a wishing star that only appears once every seventy-two years, seeking the Goddess Paramour and her magic Pearl of Love, and carefully carrying the ever-burning Candle of Inamorata. With the help of a jack rabbit, a unicorn, and two brownies, the fairies travel to Castle Penchaant to break the curse to set Henry and Rose free.

In this adventure, the fairies also learn the history of the brownies, and discover the wizard's story of terrible unhappiness in love that involves a nymph and a satyr. However, in order to pass into dragon adulthood, he must make a dangerous journey to obtain a fabulous jewel for Queen Elektra, the leader of the dragons.

Because of his non-violent nature, the means to obtain the jewel is a dilemma. The quest involves getting past four monsters: a giant Hydra with nine serpent heads, a shapeshifter named Variant Catifficum, an evil Golem, and a dangerous Chimera. Snapdragon is the fairy gifted with dragonish qualities like fierceness and speed. Harlequin, who derives her fairy spirit from a harlequin snake, is also the good-natured fairy of mischief and pranks.

Together with her friends - Dove, Cricket, and Blue a blue dragonfly fairy - she must find the Spirit of Fun and Frolic. The fairies have to persuade Whoopee an elephant , Tom Foolery a magical stuffed animal , and Monkeyshine a grasshopper with a magic harmonica to reveal the location of the troubled spirit. During this seemingly endless day, the fairies also seek help from a fish, a Jack Russell terrier, an ice cream vendor, a fancy hamster, a tiny magician, and a Persian cat to retrieve the magical Pebble of Spree to save the life of the spirit and restore happiness to mankind.

In this story, the fairies also learn why the bluebird is the happiest of all birds, and what the grasshopper uses buttons for.

A Turtle's Magical Adventure

Led by Dove, the fairy of peace, a large group of fairies makes a dangerous journey to try to help settle the dispute. Together with elves, sphiloxes elf fairies of light , brownies, and desert gnomes, the fairies seek out Bellicose and Loggerhead, the goblin leaders. The group encounters many canyon and desert creatures in their travels. When peaceful negotiations fail, Dove calls upon the Parchment of Dulcet a magical scroll that once belonged to the Goddess of Peace to fix the problem and put an end to the goblin hostilities that are threatening all of mankind.

During an afternoon walk, she hears beautiful music coming from a lonely, overgrown garden. In looking for the answer to the secrets contained in the secluded garden, Cricket discovers an enchanted music box. With further investigation, she finds out that the mystery surrounding the music box involves a longstanding quarrel between a giant and a witch. Along with Moonflower, Blue, and Spiderwort, Cricket tries to help settle the feud. During their adventure, the fairies befriend a beautiful nightingale that is under a powerful enchantment.

With the help of shooting stars, magical rain showers, and bewitching lullabies, Cricket seeks to end the vengeful grudge between the giant and the witch, in order to free the nightingale from the spell. The Water Fairy Festival is only held once every ten years. Following the festival, Blue attends a Gulf region fairy circle and learns the sad tale of the fisherman and the mermaid: After a thirty-year journey to the Ends of the Seas on a quest to find the Green Sea Diamond , the fisherman returns to find his dearest love, the mermaid, Allure, has died.

Blue and her friends set out on a mission to Ocean Merland, the underwater home of the saltwater merfolk. They meet Allure's sister, Denoue, who helps them find a way for the fisherman to be reunited with his love when he makes his final journey - the one into the hereafter. When an epidemic of terrible plant disease begins sweeping the earth, she must form an unusual alliance with four of the Fairies of Necessity: Mistletoe, Nettle, Hemlock, and Nightshade.

The Fairies of Necessity were created for very different purposes than most fairies, and they don't usually solve problems or fix things like traditional fairies. The Fairies of Necessity have jobs such as decay, defense, killing off weak members of plant species, controlling insect populations, and keeping things balanced in nature. Aloe, Snapdragon, Ginger, and Periwinkle must team up with the Fairies of Necessity to locate the legendary Spring of Hale, a source of magical healing water, to stop the plant disease from spreading further.

The adventure includes a visit to a magic treehouse and a graveyard. During their dangerous journey, the fairies encounter two talking insects - a caterpillar and a walking stick. They also meet a charming stranger before eventually facing off with Putresce, the Spirit of Decay and Disease. With the exception of Primrose, just back from an out-of-town visit to her grandparents, all of the fairies are acting completely opposite their normal characters.

The special gifts that make fairies like little superheroes seem to have disappeared. Cinnabar, with her extraordinary night abilities, is afraid of going out after dark. Harlequin, the fairy of jokes, can't stop crying. Blue, an excellent swimmer, is suddenly afraid of the water. And Dove, the fairy of peace, can't seem to keep from getting into arguments. Even Madam Toad is acting strangely: The fairy leader can't seem to make a decision. Pumpkinwing, Teasel, and Primrose must work diligently, without any guidance from fairy mentors, to solve the mystery of what has happened.

Three brownies also join in the effort to help put things right. Along with Madam Shrew and Milkweed, she welcomes visitors Pumpkinwing, Teasel, and Firefly to a special fairy circle. A great many trolls live in the far North region. Trolls are ordinarily confused much of the time and are not too smart. Keen is unique among trolls because he is brilliant.

The fairies set out on a mission to consult Mr. Keen about a problem involving a lost ogre child named Tad. Then they must seek out a rare troll butterfly to help lead the rock-throwing, tantrum-prone Tad home to his family. During this adventure, we learn the history of toadstool rings; and the fairies conduct an important toadstool ring experiment to benefit their local troll friends. Along with Calliope and Pumpkinwing, Teasel discovers the secret of a magic dresser and a tiny witch in a bottle. The fairies must work diligently to solve the three mysteries, and to help break a curse to free the witch.

When two fairies disappear, she must find a way to locate them in the Land of Bliss, and bring them back without getting trapped there herself. With the help of a magic clock, and her friends Rosemary and Teasel, Calliope travels through a portal in a white poplar tree stump. In a somewhat mixed-up, time-travel adventure, the fairies actually meet their leader, Madam Toad, as a young fairy. She helps them free their friends from the Land of Bliss and seal the doorway to prevent other fairies from becoming trapped in the magical land where no one cares about anything.

Without the Basket, caring and kindness would not exist. But the old woman has to continually work on the Basket. If she ever stops constructing it, all understanding will be lost to mankind. Similarly, an old man, who is a friend to the old woman, must constantly weave the Blanket of Comfort that produces security and ease for all creatures of the earth.

The fairies must try to find a way for the woman and man to finish their endless tasks. For this purpose, they seek out a matchbox genie. During their adventure, the fairies also discover how sphiloxes - elf fairies of light - are born. Winterberry, a fairy who never ages, is forever trapped in the garden. I could not stop from start to finish. Thank you for this inspiration! This was a fascinating read! The detective work involved is absolutely incredible. Nicolai's story is so intriguing - it could be a book!

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This article has previously been published in Norwegian in Aftenposten Historie no.

Due to several requests, I have now also translated it into English. The purpose of the expedition was to update the British Navy's charts using new technology. But that's not why this journey is still remembered today. Captain Robert FitzRoy also wanted a naturalist on board, and -- quite by chance -- he commissioned the 22 year old geologist Charles Darwin.

And so Mr. Darwin was struck by the revolutionary realisation that living beings, over the course of generations, adapt to survive in varying surroundings and consequently branch out into what we call species. What actually happened was, of course, not that simple.

Nothing rules the world more than mere chance, and a long chain of events led to Darwin's groundbreaking discovery.

The Fairy Chronicles

One of these coincidences was his meeting with a mysterious man braving the elements on a remote island on the Equator. A man who, just like Darwin, grew up not knowing what a tortoise was at all. On the highland plateau, a few hours' walk through dense jungle, was the settlement of Asilo de la Paz with roughly inhabitants and the governor's residence. But the Acting Governor, an Englishman named Nicholas Oliver Lawson, boarded the ship and invited some of its crew to dine with him at the settlement. During the meal, the conversation turned to the many tortoise shells lying scattered around the simple light-frame huts.

Lawson boasted that he could determine with a glance from which island any tortoise was collected, their shells being slightly specific to each island. Darwin, the naturalist, made a mental note of this comment. But it took him several years to realize what larger truth was hidden in this little tidbit. In the second, revised edition of his report from the journey, published in , he added:. I had not as yet noticed by far the most remarkable feature in the natural history of this archipelago; it is, that the different islands to a considerable extent are inhabited by a different set of beings.

My attention was first called to this fact by the Vice-Governor, Mr. Lawson, declaring that the tortoises differed from the different islands, and that he could with certainty tell from which island any one was brought. I did not for some time pay sufficient attention to this statement. During his stay on the islands, Darwin did not study the tortoises in detail and he never tried to fact check Lawson's statement. Most of the tortoises brought on board the Beagle were eaten on the way home, and the shells were tossed over board along with other refuse. But after he came home, Darwin started cataloguing his collection of mockingbirds.

And gradually, he realised that Lawson was right: The birds also varied slightly from island to island. And this was more than a little fun fact: They all looked superficially like the species found on the South American mainland Apart from that, they were identical and would have been deemed the same species. Darwin was not originally a zoologist. Following his father's advice he became a priest, but he also studied geology on his own initiative, and this was his primary task during the Beagle expedition. In spite of this, the islands harboured a large quantity of species like the mockingbirds, obviously fine-tuned to survive in this young environment.

Vice Governor Lawson, supposedly an Englishman born in Jamaica, has later become a key character in the field of Darwin studies. In Sandra Herbert, professor of science history and a Darwin biographer, wrote:. How are we then to interpret the initial effect of Lawson's comment on Darwin? In , the British biologist and Darwin expert David Lack wrote an article about Lawson in the research journal "American Scientist". Among his views were that:. It may be wondered whether the 'Origin of Species' would have been written if Mr.

Lawson had not existed. But Lack couldn't tell us exactly who this man was. The Vice Governor who happened to be in the right place at the right time, and unwittingly sparked Darwin's chain of thought, has long been enveloped in a shroud of mystery. There are no traces of him in British or Jamaican registries.

No censuses, birth or navy records mention him at all. He was from a small farm on a small island in the fjords of Western Norway. They were not your traditional family of sailors. From Nicolai was five until he was twelve years old, they lived in Oppdal in the inland of Norway, far away from the sea. When they moved back to Sekken Island, he became fascinated by the ships and sailors in the harbour of Molde, the nearest port city. They sailed all winter and on the way home in spring, captain Dahl fell over board and drowned. Shortly after returning home he left again, this time on a Scottish ship going to England.

The captain treated him poorly and cheated him out of his pay. When they stopped over in Liverpool, Nicolai left the ship. Or perhaps he was fired, it's impossible to tell. But going back home with captain Adam Morrison was apparently not an option. We can imagine a penniless teenager walking the docks of Liverpool, the busiest port in the world at the time, not speaking the language and trying to find a ship bound home.

He would soon realise that no ships were going to Norway. International politics had come in the way. After the British Navy attacked Copenhagen in September , prince regent Frederik of Denmark forged an alliance with Britain's arch enemy, emperor Napoleon. The British responded with a massive embargo of the North Sea. For years, not a single trading ship sailed between England and Norway, causing a famine that would be remembered for generations.

At age 17, Nicolai signed on a ship going to Brazil. He would never see his family again. Nicolai Olaus Lossius could easily have become just another cabin boy who left home, leaving nothing but a name in the baptism records. But he lived to be an old man, and eventually he wrote several letters home from the other side of the world.